DNA Of Indian Fashion: Sarah & Sandeep


Contemporary and bespoke fashion powerhouse Sarah & Sandeep can easily be called the purveyor of creative innovation in India. With incredibly nuanced details and interesting storytelling, the brand has made glam tailoring its signature. We chatted with founders Sandeep and Sarah Shaikh Gonsalves about their upcoming collection and future plans.

ELLE: Describe your label in three words.

Sarah & Sandeep (SS): Powerful. Contemporary. Minimal.

ELLE: If you could dress a yesteryear celebrity in your label, who would it be and why?

SS: It would have to be Rekha for womenswear and Tom Hanks for our menswear. They both have a certain underlined sophistication and a quiet luxury aesthetic in their existing style.

ELLE: Tell us about your upcoming collection and the inspiration behind it.

SS: Our upcoming collection is inspired by the coming together of two contrasting worlds. It is a celebration of the union of marriage. Using nuances from the Western concept of a formal suit, Sarah & Sandeep developed a traditional Indian ensemble for grooms. The womenswear line is a play of Indo-fusion silhouettes.

ELLE: What’s the quintessential Sarah & Sandeep clientele like?

SS: The quintessential Sarah & Sandeep clientele is a confident consumer who is aware of their sartorial requirements. The brand’s bespoke offerings cater to every detail and demand listed by our customer.

ELLE: What does the future look like for the brand Sarah & Sandeep?

SS: Sarah & Sandeep has started a new decade after completing a successful and eventful journey. We plan on tapping the international market to explore new challenges and grow as a creative design house.

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