DNA Of Indian Fashion: Seema Gujral


With a career spanning more than two decades, Seema Gujral’s work has spotlighted in myriad interesting ways, the beauty of India’s traditional crafts while infusing it with a modern perspective. Here the designer discusses her label’s vision while forging a unique design language with new-age glamour.

ELLE: Where do you find creative inspiration?

Seema Gujral (SG): As a modern Indian designer, my inspiration comes from my understanding of different realms. At the same time, the core of my design process and ideation remains unruffled as I want to combine classic heritage with what modern Indian women desire.

ELLE: And how do you define your approach to classic heritage and new-age glamour?

SG: It’s all about balancing, taking in, and at the same time giving away bits of modern and bits of heritage, making a perfect concoction that works in today’s time.

ELLE: How do you strike a balance between being distinctive and being marketable?

SG: This is indeed a delicate task. As a global brand, we have created this niche where our clients have faith and trust in what we believe in and stand for. Their support makes it possible for us to take design risks and challenge the industry’s ‘normal’, and strike a balance.

ELLE: What makes your brand globally relevant? What can we expect from Seema Gujral’s designs in the coming years?

SG: What makes our designs global is that we have a vision for something beyond a conventional mindset. We believe in making designs that can last forever, and the base of our ideation is always to make something that is modern and forever relevant.

ELLE: Has your definition of ambition evolved over the years?

SG: Indeed it has. It’s normal human behaviour. As an example, in recent years, my ambition has also been revolving around what difference I can make in the lives of people who made the brand and person Seema Gujral that you see today. I have always cared for my team, no matter if it was a team of three or 1500. I want to do more for others, and I would like to create a real difference. We are also very actively growing as a brand and creating newer collections with more excitement than ever before.

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- Junior Fashion Writer

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