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Known for her stunning textile manipulations and nuanced creations, Vaishali Shadangule is dedicated to give the handloom tradition of India a global stage. It has been her ongoing mission to prioritise sustainability and highlight Indian craftsmanship. Here, she gives us an insight into her most recent collection and her endeavour to offer a contemporary take on the traditional textile narrative.

ELLE: What do you draw your creative inspiration from?

Vaishali Shadangule (VS): My creative inspiration largely stems from the beautiful elements of nature all around us. A large number of my designs either resemble the textures and unpredictability of aspects of nature or depict its energy flow as I feel it.

ELLE: Tell us about your recent Abyss Spring / Summer 2023 collection

VS: Abyss symbolises the path of self-discovery that every person takes during their lifetime to uncover one’s inner beauty. Fashion for me is to give voice to my feelings and thoughts, it is my way of expression. It is how I communicate, since the outcome is more of a work of art than garment. Yet, it is always extremely wearable, comfortable, and feminine.

ELLE: Tell us about your flagship store in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

VS: The store reflects an extension of my lifestyle and garments, incorporating village life and a global sensibility. It features handmade furniture, mud-based flooring, and repurposed old doors from Mumbai’s dumping grounds, showcasing a unique and emotional aesthetic.

ELLE : Has your definition of ambition changed over the years?

VS: I have always felt I am on a mission to revive handloom weaves and bring them back to where they belong and have been pursuing it relentlessly. I have never felt limits; I just keep going ahead and aiming for the best.

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