You Shaved Off Your Eyebrows For A Social Media Trend. Will They Grow Back?

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“TikTok/Instagram made me do it” is the “The dog ate my homework” of our generation. From absolutely stunning, almost ethereal trends like fairy hair to downright bizarre beauty practices of sunscreen contouring and using lube as a primer, the social media platform has got people running up their tab on being experimental. Its latest victim? The eyebrows! Bleached, split and even completely shaved off, eyebrows are carrying the whole show on their shoulders. It makes sense to play around with the brows; they are such an integral part of one’s face and even the slightest change can transform and enhance the features. Maisie Williams made bleached brows cool with one fashion show appearance and Doja Cat shaved hers off completely for the shock factor. But if we’ve learnt anything from our over-plucking teen years is to let your brows be. They may never grow back. And even if they do; how do you guarantee the return of youthful, full brows? You simply cannot.

Naturally Sparse Vs Balding Brows

Naturally sparse brows can be corrected with makeup products or medical tattooing procedures like micropigmentation and microblading. But that’s just it because naturally sparse brows are a part of the genetic pattern. “If over time your eyebrows are getting thin, this can be due to various medical, hormonal, or nutritional deficiencies,” says Dr Debeshi Bhattacharjee, clinical cosmetologist and founder of Lueur Aesthetics. But by far the biggest threat to healthy brows is superficial damage caused externally. Follicular damage to brow hairs can be caused by repeated and incorrect hair removal; leading to people struggling with regrowth later. “The growth cycle of one follicle can be around four to six weeks. It takes time for the new hair growth to come back. This might result in thinning of your brows,” elaborates Dr Arshi Rahul, Laser Expert Cosmetologist, Trichologist, and founder of The Daily Aesthetics.

So if you have been repeatedly slicing, removing, shaving, or plucking brow hairs from the same spot, they will become sparse over time. Maybe even develop a couple of bald spots. “Removing or plucking hair from the same place can cause semipermanent hair loss i.e Traction alopecia. Conditions like thyroid, low iron levels, and low vitamin D levels can also cause thinning of eyebrows. Also, ageing can also cause thinning of the brows,” reveals Dr Arshi. Additionally, makeup and skincare products that tend to clog pores are detrimental to the natural growth of the brows. 

So, Can Eyebrows Grow Back?

Ageing, over-plucking or a shady brow gel, no matter what has made your eyebrow hair bid adieu, the main question is – do they grow back? “There’s hope but it depends on many factors especially if there are follicles or not,” explains Dr Debeshi candidly. You read that right – eyebrow hair follicles can be completely damaged. But unless you’ve lost them due to follicular scarring or an underlying condition, stunted growth of eyebrows is reversible. But that depends on multiple factors. From diet to your brow grooming routine, you’ve got to have the patience to gauge the regrowth pattern. Give the tweezers and waxing strips rest for three to four months to understand how they are faring on their own. Fortunately, there are ways to lend them a helping hand. 

Both pharmaceutical and cosmetic solutions are available for brow hair enhancement. “Popular ingredient bimatoprost is a prescribed product that helps promote brow growth. And OTC products containing minoxidil can be used under doctors’ guidance,” suggests Dr Arshi. To encourage eyebrow hair growth with your daily skincare routine, invest in a lash and brow serum. They are multipurpose, loaded with growth-enhancing ingredients like castor oil, proteins, peptides, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E; and do not interfere with the rest of your skincare routine. And while we’re at it, no coating your eyebrows with just vaseline won’t make them grow back. All it does is provide a moist growing environment for an already healthy brow. But if your brow growth is stunted beyond help, reaching out to a professional will be your best bet.

Images: Giphy, Instagram

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