On World Earth Day, Do These 6 Things To Embrace Sustainability in Your Beauty Routines


One of the toughest things I’ve done in the last few years has been making a sustainable shift to my beauty routine. It wasn’t easy breaking away from old and trusted patterns to adopt a different lifestyle. However, I was only able to make this decision after I realised the impact of my decisions on Earth, even if that was a minuscule one. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, as beauty consumers we have a responsibility towards the place we call home and that responsibility involves being conscious about the choices we make.

Everyone’s aware of how the beauty industry generates over 120 billion units of packaging every year, and that involves just plastic. A survey conducted by Clean Hub revealed that over 81% of beauty consumers asserted that brands should reduce plastic packaging. However, plastic packaging is just the tip of the iceberg, a part of a gargantuan problem. There exist a lot of elements ranging from ethical sourcing of ingredients to water consumption amongst many that need attention.

As beauty consumers, we should be taking more responsibility to take care of our home, the Earth. This World Earth Day, take an oath to make small changes to your existing beauty routines. Here’s all that you can do.

Ask yourself—do I need it?


I’m extremely guilty of hoarding beauty products. All thanks to fleeting beauty trends, I end up giving in to purchasing products that I don’t need at all. Something a lot of you are guilty of too. Next time you spot a viral blush or a sunscreen, ask yourself—do you really need it? Are you going to use it to the very last drop and get the full value of it?

Minimize your routines

Yes, the infamous 10-step Korean routine had me quite obsessed too. But, is it really necessary to have a skincare routine with seven to 10 steps? The goal of your skincare routine should be to keep it healthy with a strong barrier and tackle any specific concerns. This can even be done with as less as three steps. Minimizing your routine will keep a check on the amount of products you’re using daily and ensure you’re not doing too much.

Opt for refillable products

We’ve already established that the beauty industry generates a massive amount of waste every year. Choosing refillable beauty products is a small step towards not contributing to creating excessive waste. Beauty brands are making concerted efforts to create refillable lipsticks, body washes and even base products. This way, consumers can continue to purchase their favourite products without worrying about the packaging.

Do away with single-use beauty products


Single-use beauty products such as sheet masks and wet wipes are nothing but a waste. Yes, I said it. Just think of the damage that’s being caused when we indulge in our weekly self-care sessions with sheet masks or reach out for a makeup wipe. These products can be easily replaced with serums and cleansing balms. By eliminating single-use beauty products, there’s a conscious effort being made to not contribute to beauty waste.

Be mindful of water consumption

The United Nations has been consistently warning us about a global water crisis that is crippling a lot of countries. Paying attention to how much water we’re using is a small step towards a better future. This can be done by switching off the tap when it’s not needed, using shampoo bars and taking shorter showers than usual.

Incorporate versatile products


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The last few years have seen the rise of multifunctional and versatile beauty products. By performing more than one task, these products ensure that your beauty routines require fewer products than usual. For instance, I use my cheek tint as a blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. Not only does this ensure you’re caring for the environment but it also saves you money and who doesn’t want that?

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