Sustainable Beauty Routine Seems Daunting? We Give You Options To Start You Off

Sustainable beauty routine

As someone who was unaware of the pressures the cosmetic industry as a whole puts on the Earth and environment, switching to a sustainable beauty routine wasn’t the easiest thing to do. A few years ago, knowledge about sustainable practices in beauty wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Increasing consciousness about climate change has sparked a revolution of sorts, with beauty consumers like us actively reaching out to brands that are doing their bit to care for the Earth and its environment.

Now, jumping into a sustainable routine head-on isn’t the best idea. I tried, and failed miserably! The easiest way to introduce sustainability into your routine is in baby steps. Making small changes to your usual routine like eliminating single-use products such as sheet masks and choosing multipurpose items goes a long way. My tryst with sustainability has allowed me to unlearn quite a few practices that were causing damage to the environment.

Sustainable Beauty Routine Recommendation:

weDo Professional No Plastic Shampoo Bar

I’ll be honest, I was always sceptical about shampoo bars and their efficacy. The No Plastic Shampoo Bar from weDo Professional assuaged all of my doubts with just a single use. Formulated with ethically-sourced ingredients that are extracted using minimal processing techniques, this shampoo bar does a great job of thoroughly cleansing your scalp while leaving your hair feeling softer and more manageable. The cherry on top is that it also comes in 100% sustainable packaging which can further be recycled. A good way to start a sustainable beauty routine.

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner


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As someone with extremely damaged hair, I’ve always struggled to find formulations that repair the damage caused by excessive colouring and heat styling. Aveda’s Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner features 98% naturally derived ingredients that are entirely plant-based and work towards building broken bonds. All you need is a little product, no matter how frizzy and detangled your hair is. With consistent usage, you can actually see your frizz being tamed and the ends of your hair become softer. All of Aveda’s products are manufactured with 100% wind power, making it the first beauty company to do so.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

Shower oils are always a guilty pleasure I enjoy indulging in from time to time. L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil has a cult-like following and with good reason! Beginning as an oil, this transforms into cleansing milk when lathered with water. It smoothens and leaves your skin feeling silky and soft. Now, I’ve practically finished multiple bottles of these but courtesy of L’Occitane’s eco-refill option, all I do is purchase a refill. This allows me to replenish my favourite body oil whilst being kinder to the earth.

Simply Nam Makeup Remover Towel

Gone are the days when we resorted to using makeup remover wipes to get rid of a day’s worth of makeup. Made using plastic fibres which leak into the oceans, causing more harm than one can imagine—I found the perfect replacement for these, enter Simply Nam’s Makeup Remover Towel. This towel is Earth-friendly in the sense that it’s reusable and can last up to 5 years! With microfibers that are soft enough to not tug the skin but at the same time pull out all of your makeup, this one is a must-have.

Ruby’s Organics Creme Blush

The first-ever ‘sustainable’ beauty product I tried out was Ruby’s Organics Creme Blush. Being unaware of what clean makeup really is, I have to say that this brand schooled me in everything I needed to know. Created using only organically sourced ingredients and devoid of any sort of preservatives, this blush has a pigmented formula that is quite long-lasting. A multipurpose product that can be used on your lips and eyes too, the Creme Blush is infused with oils and clays that aren’t just kind to your skin but to the Earth too.

asa Beauty Lipstick


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Being a lipstick girlie, a major issue I’ve grappled with is owning too many lipsticks. Yes, I’m self-aware in realising that I’m leaving behind a massive carbon footprint too, all thanks to the packaging of these lipsticks. asa Beauty solved this concern with their refillable lipsticks! Made with nourishing ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter along with wheat germ and argan oil, this lipstick has a silky texture with a weightless feeling. It comes in an aluminium casing which lasts practically forever and can be refilled whenever you deem fit.

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