Eco-Friendly Clothing Labels To Shop From For Your Kids

As adults, we got acquainted with the subject of sustainability pretty late in life, but it’s essential to educate kids about this concept early on. The food they eat to the clothes they wear should all fall in the rhythm of the sustainable lifestyle we aim to follow. All it takes is a little bit of effort and research to find the right kind of brands and labels who are doing good by the planet. To make your life a little easier, we’ve curated a list of four eco-friendly clothing labels that create toxin-free garments for your little ones, and are also protecting the environment while they are at it.

  1. Ed-a-mama


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In an attempt to teach the children how to love the planet they will be soon the gatekeepers of, actor Alia Bhatt launched a sustainable brand for kids. The label plans on inculcating this value by offering them more than just clothes. Ed-a-mama will soon be releasing a series of books that will teach the upcoming generation how to put the planet first.

What We Love: All the garments are made out of natural, fibre-based, biodegradable fabric that can be composted instead of ending up in a pile at a landfill. It promotes slow fashion; hence the clothes have longevity and are also dyed using chemical-free (no azo) substances. The leftover fabric is upcycled into potli bags and hairbands. The outfits’ metal trimmings are nickel-free, and there are no plastic buttons used for fastening purposes. They send a seed ball to the consumer with every purchase to cultivate a plant sustainably.

2. The Story Brand 

The Story Brand is a contemporary sustainable label that offers high-quality lifestyle products for kids and teenagers. It makes your little ones’ shopping process easier by offering it all under one roof. From kaftans and Indian wear to summer dresses and separates, there is a wide range to pick from.

What We Love: Driven by the motive of helping underprivileged women and children, the brand specifically employs women from low-income sections in their production and manufacturing units. The idea is to provide them with a stable income and a sense of independence. Parts of their proceeds go towards educating needful children from the streets and improving the quality of their lives.

3. Berry Tree 

Supporting the organic way of life, every piece of clothing at Berry Tree is created out of organic cotton. With something for every age group, this brand’s products cater to all segments.  These made in India products are created out of softer than normal cotton, which is eco-friendly, keeps the wearer cool at night and is naturally anti-bacterial.

What We Love: Berrytree supports the concept of second-hand wear, clothes can be passed on from elder sibling to the younger, or between cousins. The 200 GSM organic cotton possesses more longevity; hence it does not stretch or tear easily. The designs are gender-neutral, making the process of passing down clothes simple and fuss-free.

4. Essika Kids

A Japanese design ideology brought to life with breathable Indian fabrics is what Essika Kids is all about.  It caters to the age group between six months and eight years, and all the ensembles are made out of handwoven fabrics created out of naturally dyed yarn.

What We Love:  The founder of the label, Merlin, decided to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic for kids, contrasting to what was available in the market. No glitter, no cartoon, just handwoven fabrics constructed in contemporary global designs. The brand promotes Indian fabrics like Khadi and handcrafts like block-print, generating employment for artisan communities that are working hard to keep these crafts alive.

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