ELLE Exclusive: A Fragrant Overture Exploring the Essence of Luxury Perfumery In India


In India’s sensory landscape, fragrance is more than just a fleeting essence—it is a symphony of memories, traditions, and cultural tapestries woven into every molecule. From the heady scents that are reminiscent of ancient temples to the delicate blooms that perfume the air during festivals, scent has been an integral part of India’s rich heritage for centuries. Amongst this fragrant milieu emerges a new chapter in the story of perfumery, where tradition meets innovation and authenticity intertwines with modernity. 

Today, we explore the craftsmanship and inspiration behind a new fragrance that pays homage to India’s storied history of attars and scenting rituals. We spoke to Anita Lal, the visionary founder of LilaNur Parfums about their newest creation, the Tubéreuse Attar Absolu.

Lal sought to capture the essence of her homeland in a bottle. “India has one of the oldest living floricultures and scent has been such a key part of our traditions and heritage for centuries,” Lal reflects. “I wanted to create fragrances that truly highlight iconic Indian ingredients from an Indian perspective.”

Drawing inspiration from India’s rich history of attars—traditional perfumed oils infused with fragrant botanicals—LilaNur Parfums embarked on a journey to craft a fragrance that transcends time and space. Collaborating with the renowned Firmenich Innovation Lab in Grasse, France, Lal and her team embarked on a mission to reinvent these age-old traditions for the modern connoisseur. “Our collaboration resulted in a true labor of love,” Lal explains. “We developed a proprietary process, allowing the highest quality floral absolutes to co-infuse with pure sandalwood oil for 100 days, resulting in a luxurious and luminous textured attar.”

“The Tubéreuse Attar Absolu is a tribute to the sensorial splendor of India’s most magnificent flowers,” Lal continues. “It embodies the ultimate luxury sought by Indian royalty—to capture a floral fragrance at its truest and most resplendent.”

As anticipation mounts for the unveiling of the Tubéreuse Attar Absolu, fragrance enthusiasts find themselves on the brink of an olfactory odyssey unlike any other. “In the world of luxury perfumery, where each fragrance is a story waiting to be told,” Lal reflects, “LilaNur Parfums’ Tubéreuse Attar Absolu emerges as a symphony of scent—a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and sensory delight.”

The Tubéreuse Attar Absolu marks not only a new chapter in the fragrance industry but also a celebration of India’s rich cultural heritage. In Lal’s vision, fragrance becomes more than a mere accessory—it becomes a testament to the beauty and complexity of the human experience. As we immerse ourselves in the fragrant tapestry of India, we are reminded of the timeless allure of scent—a language that transcends borders and speaks to the very essence of our being.

Good Earth Raghuvanshi Mills, Mumbai
Good Earth Colaba, Mumbai
Good Earth Khan Market, Delhi

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