ELLE Exclusive: Anastasia Soare Spills the Beans On The Journey Of Her Eponymous Brand And What’s Next For Them


Having never paid attention to my brows, the first-ever brow product I owned was the iconic Brow Wiz pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills. And that changed my life. Ever since the launch of its first brow line in 2000, the brand has only ever given its consumers the best of beauty. Anastasia Soare, the woman behind it all, began her journey by filling in the empty gaps in the ‘eyebrow industry’, quite literally. What started as pioneers in the field of eyebrows slowly seeped into other categories of makeup products such as iconic makeup palettes and multi-functional products. Raise your hand if the coveted Modern Renaissance palette was the one of your dreams!

We got the chance to speak to Anastasia Soare on tech advancement in the brow space, her plans for the Indian beauty market and announcing Anastasia Beverly Hills’ first-ever Indian brand ambassador!

ELLE: It’s a big 25, Congratulations! How does it feel now when you look back at your journey and the milestones you have achieved?

Anastasia Soare (AS): Looking back at our journey and the milestones we have achieved fills me with a deep sense of joy and gratitude. It’s incredible to reflect on how far the brand has come. What started as a one-woman operation — me, trying to convince the entire industry that brow shaping and brow products could be big business — has evolved into something greater than I could have ever foreseen. 

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and we’ve adapted to changing trends and consumer needs, staying at the forefront of innovation. We’ve introduced groundbreaking products and promoted inclusivity and diversity in beauty. What truly brings me joy is the positive impact we’ve made on people’s lives. Our products have helped individuals enhance their natural beauty, boost confidence, and express their unique identities. We commit to the mantra that what makes you feel powerful is what makes you beautiful. 

ELLE: Where do you see the next 25 years of the brand now?

AS: Anniversaries never fail to renew my sense of purpose and excitement for the future. We will continue to push boundaries, explore new frontiers, and empower individuals to embrace their beauty in all its forms. Nothing is off the table, and if I can get a Brow Wiz into the hands of every woman worldwide, I will be a happy woman. 

ELLE: What are your thoughts about the Indian beauty market and how has it performed for the brand?

AS: India is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage and a population that embraces beauty and self-adornment as an integral part of their lifestyle. Plus, India never shies away from colour. I am excited to see the myriad unique ways that the Indian beauty community will use our products, and the vibrant, playful, and glam looks that get shared. 

ELLE: When it comes to education in the ‘brow’ space, you are the pioneer. Could you please tell us about it – the innovation, the science and the tech advancement now?

AS: All brand education can trace its origins to the Golden Ratio and the idea that beauty is about balance and proportion – not perfection. This started with the now-patented Golden Ratio Shaping Technique for eyebrows, a formula that used three distinct measurements to tailor brows to each individual’s unique bone structure: brows should begin directly above the middle of your nostrils, brows should end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye, and the highest point of the arch should connect the middle of the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris. As we expanded beyond brows, the Golden Ratio was always our guiding light, believing in the play of shadow and light, balance and proportion, to achieve ultimate tailored harmony. We’ve even expanded to designing our own ABH Brow App, which uses augmented reality in real-time to deliver beauty and application tips personalized to your unique bone structure.

ELLE: After working for years and building a brand that’s known for its brow products, where do you (still) find the gap?

AS: There will always be space for innovation. Beauty never stagnates, and neither do we. As preferences and trends evolve, new opportunities to create that special something that gets our community excited will present themselves. And when they do, we commit to deliver. Our beauty routines are our rituals, and I want every Anastasia Beverly Hills product to be worthy of its place in your own process. 

ELLE: The spotlight for ABH has always been on brows and over the years the brand has introduced several categories in makeup assortment. How has it shifted the consumer buying behaviour for the brand?

AS: What’s more interesting is how it has reinforced consumer behaviour. As ABH expanded beyond the brow category, launching our cult classic Contour Kit, beloved Liquid Lipstick formula, hyper-inclusive Luminous Foundation 50 shade range, and more, we have remained committed to a major foundational pillar – quality. A product has a single opportunity to make a first impression, so if it’s not something we would recommend to our family and closest of friends, the product doesn’t launch.

ELLE: You also have a brand ambassador for India. What made you take this decision for the Indian market?

AS: We believe in the power of collaborations to bring fresh perspectives and unique experiences to our consumers. We choose brand ambassadors who will resonate with our community and embody the spirit of our brand with confidence, authenticity, and passion for self-expression.

ELLE: What do you have to say about the new brand ambassador for ABH, Malaika Arora?

We are so excited to have Malaika Arora as our newest official brand ambassador. She embodies a great deal of what we stand for, including positivity, elegant glam, and the multi-faceted radiance we know is contained within each individual. We believe beauty is for everyone, and Malaika amplifies this message. 

ELLE: Tell us more about the brand’s future plans for the Indian market. We’d really like you to spill some beans here.

AS: I can’t wait for everyone to see the latest House of Beauty shoot featuring Malaika. Norvina oversaw the process virtually, so having the technical capability to do these sorts of cross-continental collaborations is incredibly exciting. New products are always in the works, including ones tailored with specific markets in mind. For breaking news, tune into our social accounts to see what’s next. 

ELLE: Now that we are looking back at 25 years of hard work, efforts, challenges, and blood and sweat, quite literally, what are the facts about the brand that very few people know?

AS: When I started shaping brows, I was looking for ways to fill clients’ arches to achieve the correct shape, creating balance and proportion. There were no products for brows on the market. A lot of people don’t know that before I went into production for the ABH product line, I was making my own homemade mixture at the salon with things like eyeshadow and Vaseline. I thought, there has to be something better, something women can take home and use daily. ABH brow products catapulted the brow category, which today feels indispensable.

- Beauty Writer


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