#ELLEExclusive: Athiya Shetty, The Newest Laneige Brand Ambassador Shares Her Skincare Routine With Us


As a beauty writer, I get the opportunity to try and test out a plethora of beauty products from different brands. Rarely do I come across a brand that impresses me from the get-go. However, the Korean-beauty brand, Laneige managed to tick every box and I believe many would agree with me. With science-backed ingredients, formulations that promise effective results, dreamy textures and adorable packaging—what’s not to love?

The brand has been a hit in India ever since the launch and it has taken a next step to connect better with its loyal customer base in India. Embodying the very essence of Laneige’s longstanding philosophy of embracing your inner glow, there couldn’t be a better name than Athiya Shetty to carry the baton of dewy and plump skin. One scroll down her Instagram feed will show you that she takes her skincare quite seriously, I mean those selfies are proof!

We sat down with Athiya Shetty as she took us through her new relationship with Laneige, her skincare routine and how she deals with negativity.—

ELLE: Tell us about your association with Laneige.

Athiya Shetty (AS): My association with Laneige is a very special one. I’m extremely thrilled to be the face of the brand since it’s a brand I love and connect with. It aligns perfectly with my own philosophy of embracing the glow within. Laneige is a brand that I have admired and used since forever, so it’s heartwarming and overwhelming. I believe in associating with a brand that radiates positivity and my own believes. Everyone should shine from within and Laneige gives a way to natural & sustainable beauty. In a world full of people who are running towards artificial beautification, Laneige is a brand that makes you appreciate yourself. 

ELLE: What is your skincare routine like?


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AS:  My routine is very basic and minimal. It starts off with a cleanser and consists of a toner, serum, moisturiser, sunscreen, and the lip treatment balm from Laneige. Due to constant shoots, my skin is already exposed to a lot of makeup, dirt and pollution so I prefer to keep it light and let the skin breathe. For me healthy body and skin cannot be attained by just outer practices but we need to treat ourselves from inside. We need to understand what our body needs and not be too harsh on it.

ELLE: We have started discussing the importance of mental health and its impact. How do you navigate through times when you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted?

AS: It’s normal to have bad days. And it’s important to be aware and accept those days, too. With good comes bad. And on those days, I have different ways of coping— some days being by myself and others spending time with family and friends. Acceptance is key. We need to give ourselves a break. Not every day needs to be a high, some lows are needed to take the time off and slow down for a bit. This hustle culture has left us in crazy mess where everyone is in a race. Some days just do what you feel like, and give it time to heal. 

ELLE: How do you deal with social media negativity?

AS: I feel it’s a part and parcel of our lives now. You can’t shy away from it. The best thing is to avoid it and not indulge yourself in it. I agree it gets overwhelming sometimes but you need to understand that it’s a part of what we have signed up for. There’s a world outside of social media where we actually are surrounded by people who really know us and I think their opinions should hold the highest value. I usually don’t let it get to me because my family always keeps me grounded. 

ELLE: You are often complimented for your fitness. What do you eat in a day?


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AS: I am a foodie and I eat absolutely everything. You’ll never see me on a diet. But yes I do workout everyday to kind of balance it out. Being healthy should be the goal. Compromising and not eating properly will only lead to problems. So my mantra is to Eat and then follow the balanced routine that suits you. 

ELLE: Tell us some of the products that are always found in your bag.

AS: Some of the products that can never go without and genuinely swear by are:- 

Laneige Sunscreen – A MUST to have at all times! Cannot do without sunscreen especially with the scorching heat of Mumbai.

Laneige Moisturizer – A light yet hydrating moisturizer can amp up your skin and create a massive difference in the quality. So it’s again a must for me to have it at all times. 

Laneige Berry Lip Sleeping Mask – I like to have a natural look and hydrated lips all the time and nothing works better than a good lip sleeping mask. 

ELLE: Lastly, you post perfect sun-kissed selfies. Could you please spill the secret on how to get the perfect click?


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AS: Haha, it’s the surreal magic of the golden hour!

- Beauty Writer


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