ELLE Exclusive: Inside Foxtale’s New Body Care Line And A Candid Chat With Romita Mazumdar

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In the ever-evolving beauty industry, skincare trends have dominated our routines, with obsessions ranging from glass skin to barrier repair. But now, a new contender is emerging to steal the spotlight: body care. The beauty world is abuzz with the shift towards holistic pampering, recognising that our bodies deserve the same luxe attention as our faces. Enter Foxtale, a brand already celebrated for its innovative approach to skincare. Here’s our chat with Romita Mazumdar, the founder of Foxtale, as she unveils their exciting foray into the world of body care, and talks about the future and being a homegrown Indian brand.

ELLE: Foxtale’s new bodycare range is an exciting addition to your product line. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this launch and what sets it apart from other body care products in the market?

Romita Mazumdar(RM): We launch our latest range with great promise. Demand for body care addressing core skin concerns is rising, and Foxtale’s body care range meets this need. Our four products tackle tanning, exfoliation, hydration, brightening, and barrier repair while providing a luxurious experience. Foxtale’s meticulous ingredient selection and formulation set our body care apart, ensuring each product hydrates, rejuvenates, and addresses specific skin concerns. Our commitment to transparency lets customers trust what they’re applying to their skin.

ELLE: Your new body care products claim to combine skincare benefits with long-lasting fragrances. Can you elaborate on the specific skin concerns these products address and how they achieve this dual function?

RM: The new body care line includes products to tackle skin concerns like tanning, irregular texture, dullness, and body odour. Infused with ingredients such as Niacinamide, Centella extract, Vitamin C, ceramides, and Hyaluronic Acid, these products promise to “Work like Skincare, Wear like Perfume.” Our technology ensures better and visible results, with hydrating ingredients that retain moisture and prevent TEWL (Transepidermal water loss). The body washes cleanse and prevent acne, while the lightweight lotions, featuring liquid lamellar technology, provide hydration without greasiness. Custom-made, IFRA-certified fragrances last as long as perfumes, omitting harmful allergens for irritation-free skin.

ELLE: What challenges did you face while developing the body care range, and how did you overcome them?

RM: Every new venture has obstacles that become opportunities. Developing our body care range required creative solutions and perseverance. Formulating products that delivered results for diverse skin types and concerns was challenging. Extensive research and testing ensured our formulations were effective yet gentle. Overcoming these challenges involved innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to our brand values of sustainability, efficacy, and consumer trust. Each obstacle was a chance to learn and grow, shaping our body care range into a testament to Foxtale’s dedication to quality and integrity.

ELLE: As the founder of a homegrown Indian skincare brand, how do you see the Indian skincare market evolving, and what trends do you think will dominate in the coming years?

RM: There is increased emphasis on overall skin health, barrier strengthening, and recovery, in addition to the current target-solution approach. While the need for skincare to solve specific issues remains, people now understand that improving overall skin quality and health can prevent many problems. Ingredients that soothe the skin, combat environmental damage, and enhance elasticity will become more popular. Skin health extends beyond the face to the body, with more focus on elasticity, preventive ageing, hydration, and sun protection. Year-round sunscreen use is being emphasized more than ever. I foresee holistic skincare concepts also influencing haircare, with a focus on scalp care and damage repair.

ELLE: With consumers becoming more conscious about the ingredients of their skincare products, how does Foxtale ensure transparency and maintain trust with its customers?

RM: At Foxtale, ensuring transparency and maintaining trust with our customers is paramount. We meticulously detail all ingredients on our product labels, ensuring loyalty and honesty about each formulation. Prioritizing sourcing from trusted suppliers upholds our ethical and sustainable practices. Each product is crafted based on community feedback and extensive trials, ensuring 95% efficacy before launch. We commit to constant improvement and updating formulations based on scientific advancements and customer feedback. Our goal is to empower consumers with knowledge and confidence in their skincare choices.

ELLE: In a competitive industry filled with numerous brands, what strategies does Foxtale employ to stay ahead and continuously innovate?

RM: In the competitive beauty industry, Foxtale has carved out a space based on consumer trust. We never overpromise and underdeliver. The Foxtale promise is authenticity, quality, efficacy, and visible results. We prioritize extensive research and development, exploring new ingredients and formulations rooted in traditional wisdom and cutting-edge science. We deeply connect with our community by listening to their feedback and evolving needs, tailoring our products and services accordingly. We also embrace agility, swiftly adapting to market trends and leveraging technology for efficient operations and personalized customer experiences.

ELLE: What initially inspired you to create Foxtale, and how has your vision for the brand evolved since its inception?

RM: Foxtale began by understanding the challenges women face in their skincare routines, magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic. After extensive research involving over 3000 women, we found a significant lack of trust in skincare brands amidst overwhelming information. With insights from Dr Ramesh Suryanarayan, our head of R&D, Foxtale was founded to develop tailored skincare solutions for Indian skin types. Today, we’re honoured by numerous consumer stories that reflect finding the right skincare match. Foxtale is seen as a trusted companion, celebrating their strength and individuality, embodying my vision to embrace and celebrate their beauty.

ELLE: As an entrepreneur what has been the most rewarding part of your journey with Foxtale, and what advice would you give to aspiring beauty entrepreneurs?

RM: My journey as a beauty industry entrepreneur is driven by a pursuit of excellence and a genuine desire to make a difference. Through Foxtale, we innovate skincare solutions while embodying empathy, integrity, and empowerment. As a leader, mentor, and advocate, I strive to inspire change, one radiant skin at a time. For budding entrepreneurs, including those in beauty and personal care, I encourage embracing the journey with passion and purpose. Cultivating meaningful customer relationships through feedback and continuous improvement is crucial. Stay informed about industry trends, innovate boldly, and uphold ethical practices and sustainability. Enjoy the journey of creating impactful beauty solutions.

ELLE: Looking at the future, how do you envision the integration of technology and skincare evolving, and what role do you see Foxtale playing in this intersection?

RM: Technology is integral to Foxtale’s growth story as a digital-first beauty brand. It plays a crucial role in establishing consumer relationships and building trust. In our R&D, technology ensures our products deliver superior results by addressing core skincare concerns. For instance, our new body lotions utilize Lamellar Crystal Technology for a silky feel in Indian climates, enhancing penetration of active ingredients at a molecular level. Our Vitamin C serum employs gel trap technology for better absorption through the skin’s lipid barrier, optimizing its effectiveness.

Foxtale’s new body care range showcases cutting-edge skincare technology, marking a significant step forward in the beauty industry.

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