ELLE Graduates 2023: Everyone Who Is Going To Be At Fashion’s Biggest Event

elle graduates 2023

This week marks the commencement of the countdown to ELLE Graduates 2023 at Istituto Marangoni in Mumbai. ELLE Graduates serves as a significant platform dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the immense potential of emerging domestic talent. To uplift and showcase rising stars, ELLE Graduates 2023 is poised to deliver an extraordinary showcase of talent in association with the Crimsoune Club. As we prepare to unveil the top five designers to watch out for, let’s meet our showstoppers, who will grace the runway adorned in the creations of fashion’s emerging talents.

Jason Arland


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Jason Arland is a dynamic force in the fields of fashion, dance, and makeup artistry. Beyond being an accomplished model and internet personality, Arland’s enduring passion for style has propelled them through the diverse landscapes of the industry.

Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush Bahuguna has transcended conventional boundaries, going from a comedian to a powerful advocate combating toxic masculinity in the industry. His impactful journey involves challenging stereotypes and fostering positive change through bold makeup and intriguing fashion choices, setting a new standard in the realm of self-expression and empowerment.

Roshini Kumar


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Roshini Kumar is a multifaceted professional reshaping beauty standards through her passion for photography, modelling, creative directing, and advocacy for body positivity. With her lens and voice, she champions the celebration of body differences, leaving a lasting impact on fashion photography and promoting inclusive ideals.



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Amplifying the creative prowess of drag artistry and its vibrant creativity, Deepen is a trailblazing Creative director, Drag Artist, and fashion illustrator who is rewriting the creative landscape of India. At the forefront, they have an innovative touch, reshaping artistic norms and fostering a more inclusive and expressive cultural space.

Get ready for an incredible show that will introduce you to the next big names in the industry.

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