#ELLEExclusive: Masaba Gupta On Her Latest Menswear and Gender-Neutral Jewellery Drop


What makes Masaba Gupta a true multi-hyphenate? Her ability to wear multiple hats -as a designer, actor and an inspiring fitness enthusiast- with utmost ease. All the while keeping a very real presence on social media. At any given point of the year, Masaba is either creating, collaborating or attentively prepping for her on-screen projects. Her vision as a creative artist is always of someone who is learning, growing and experimenting. Whether it’s adding bursts of colours and prints into men’s closets or introducing a genderless gold jewellery collection bearing exquisite motifs of the Nandi (the cow), Hatheli (the palm), and Mithai (toffee). In an exclusive tête-à-tête with ELLE, Masaba talks about her new ventures and how important it is for fashion to be all-embracing in this current climate.


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ELLE: How similar or different will The Masaba Man aesthetic be from the womenswear collections? 

Masaba Gupta: The Masaba Menswear collection takes inspiration from traditional Kashida embroidery. We have used florals, colour and bold motifs in our new range that suits every occasion. Men focus more on what fabric feels like on their skin. Keeping that in mind, our collection unfolds in raw silk and natural crêpe fabrics that complement various personality types. While the overall design language will be in tune under both genres, it’s the details that will be different.

ELLE: What has been your approach to designing your gender-neutral jewellery line?

MG: With Masaba Jewels, we have mixed the traditional South Indian gold with modern sensibilities. The idea behind the gender-neutral jewellery line is to offer something that serves the dynamic style needs of today’s men and women. We explored various exquisite motifs of the Nandi, Hatheli, and Mithai to craft the new range that is regal and contemporary at the same time.

ELLE: What are your thoughts on inclusivity in the Indian fashion industry? In what direction do you think we are heading?
MG: I think we are in the right direction where the topic of inclusivity has taken centre stage. As a fashion brand, our idea is not to set any rules but to make people comfortable in their choices. While crafting a clothing line, we keep all types of women, men, and their likings in focus. Even with our campaigns, we work with all kinds of models for a fair representation. I think the subject of inclusivity is very personal to me.

ELLE: What’s next for Masaba the actor and the entrepreneur?
MG: I have multiple projects in the pipeline. I have already wrapped Masaba Masaba Season 2. As a brand, we are looking at taking a 360-degree approach and venturing into various avenues of fashion and beauty.

- Junior Digital Editor


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