Embrace The Light With Ananya Panday And Swarovski’s Latest Diwali Collection


Come November, the festival of lights is all set to be bigger, bolder, and brighter with Swarovski’s scintillating Diwali collections – Mesmera, Millenia, and Gema – exclusively designed to match your modern, elegant taste. To add extravagance to your festive plans, take a page out of brand ambassador Ananya Panday’s book to discover how to best celebrate self-expression, amplify your shine, and turn heads at parties and gatherings this Diwali!

Captured the touch of elegance and unparalleled opulence

A trusted brand in the jewellery world, Swarovski’s exquisite pieces have time and again left an indelible impression on its countless customers for 128 years. Simply put, no one brings the shine better! This year, with the enchanting Ananya Panday as the face of their Diwali campaign, Swarovski is back with yet another line of timeless masterpieces, mirroring the radiant and luminous vibe of the year’s most joyous festival! Ananya radiates sheer brilliance in all her festive ensembles, perfectly reflecting her effervescent confidence.

Sharing her experience of the breathtaking new collection, Ananya says, “Diwali is a time for embracing tradition and celebrating new beginnings, and it is a festival that’s very close to my heart. Swarovski’s beautiful pieces not only reflect the magnificence of the festival but also the optimism and joy that it represents. The fusion of craftsmanship and contemporary glamour perfectly captures the mood of the Festival of Lights, and I am truly honoured to be a part of this campaign.”

Thoughtfully designed to celebrate our rich cultural heritage, Swarovski’s captivating few Diwali featured collections have been meticulously crafted to showcase the intricate play of light and colour, curating a look that is uniquely yours. Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski Global Creative Director, says, “Epitomising grace, beauty, and the spirit of modern India, Ananya embodies the essence of Swarovski’s Diwali 2023 campaign, which highlights our commitment to creating moments of brilliance. As we join the celebrations, we are thrilled to unveil a campaign that seamlessly blends Swarovski’s mastery of light and crystal artistry with Ananya’s exuberant elegance.”

Discover Diwali featured collections exuding glamour and brilliance

From resplendent necklaces to shimmering earrings and elegant bracelets, it’s a crystal-studded affair all the way! Ignite your inner spirit and embrace the celestial look with these three magical collections:


Intricately assembled with shimmering stones and clusters of clear precision-cut crystals, Mesmera elevates ensembles with light-filled luxury. Featuring a magnificent array of cuts and sizes, the collection’s geometric pieces radiate bold wonder, garlanding festive styles in a jubilant glow.

Mesmera bracelet: Mixed cuts, White, Rhodium plated 26,000 MRP (incl. of all taxes)
Mesmera open ring: Mixed cuts, White, Silver-tone finish 8,250 MRP (incl. of all taxes)


An evocative reimagining of Swarovski’s savoir-faire, Millenia’s endlessly alluring rows are a luxurious love letter to crystals. Monochromatic necklaces command attention, each oversized stone gleaming with an intensity that envelopes wearers in extraordinary brilliance.

Millenia bangle: Octagon cut, Green, Gold-tone plated 21,000 MRP (incl. of all taxes)
Millenia necklace: Octagon cut, Color gradient, Green, Gold-tone plated 31,000 ₹ MRP (incl. of all taxes)
Millenia open ring: Octagon cut, Green, Gold-tone plated 9,750 ₹ MRP (incl. of all taxes)


A prismatic ode to Swarovski’s heritage and the perfect partner to Diwali’s vibrant festivities, Gema’s dynamic designs harness the energising power of light. From bright blues to invigorating orange hues, Gema illuminates Diwali in all its technicolor splendour.

Gema drop earrings: Mixed cuts, Flower, Blue, Rhodium plated 13,500 ₹ MRP (incl. of all taxes)
Gema necklace: Mixed cuts, Blue, Rhodium plated 35,000 ₹ MRP (incl. of all taxes)

Look your extravagant best this Diwali

Soon it’ll be time to pull out the shopping list. As you get ready for the festive season, own your look with the new Swarovski collections and prepare to dazzle everyone! These luxurious collections are now available across all Swarovski stores and eCommerce platforms. So join Ananya on this sparkling journey and discover how best to ignite your inner beauty and elevate the Diwali experience! 

You can also explore Swarovski’s complete collection on their website: www.swarovski.com

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