The First Look Of Emily In Paris Season 4 Is Out And We Have Some Exciting New Theories

Emily in Paris

Bonjour, dear readers. The first look of Lily Collins starrer Emily in Paris Season 4 has finally arrived on our Instagram feeds, easing fans’ anticipation. Netflix has released the first few images from the upcoming season, indicating that the lead actors will be returning to their roles. The fan-favourite series’ fourth season will be available in two instalments, each including five episodes. August 15 will see the release of the first instalment, and September 12 for the second.

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Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the chaos happening in Emily in Paris. Whether it’s Emily’s overdramatic work life or her completely messed up love life, Emily’s Parisian rendezvous had everyone in a chokehold over the past two seasons. Emily is a clear winner in the love department and has both the hot boys (Gabriel and Alfie) on the show wrapped around her finger. (Are you kidding me?)

Coming to Season 4 everyone is most intrigued to see if Emily and Alfie are going to end up together. The new images feature Alfie and Emily together while they appear to be enjoying a public event, which verifies his homecoming but we still have team Gabriel alive and thriving on Stan Twitter. As you wait for the new season, scroll down to check out some theories we have for how things can go next in Emily in Paris Season 4:

Alfie vs Gabriel

This season, we are anticipating some fight sequences (verbal please) between Alfie and Gabriel to spark more drama. I mean, there’s a lot of potential in this love triangle.

Emily & Gabriel Might Not Get Together

As we all know Emily is unlikely to step in between potential parents no matter how strong her feelings are. Emily would probably still say no even if Gabriel proposed to her with the biggest diamond this side of the Eiffel Tower. That doesn’t mean Gabriel and Emily aren’t going to be together in the end (hopefully), but it looks like there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved before Emily feels confident before entering a committed relationship with someone who will soon become the father of someone else’s child.

Camille Might Not Be Really Pregnant

There’s a chance that Camille may not be really pregnant. It’s possible that she told Gabriel this as part of her “I have to talk to you” statement, but she lied about being pregnant rather than telling him the whole truth about her affair with Sophie to avoid being the cheater this time. All I can think of is how they haven’t spent much time together in the previous several months due to Gabriel’s job. I dunno, it’s just kind of odd and suspicious. Gabriel will eventually learn about the affair and wind up with Emily, thus we will eventually find out about it. (Yeah, I am delusional)

Alfie Leaves For London

Sorry team Alfie, but as they say, everything has a limit and we can see him saying goodbye to Emily’s drama to live a happy life in London.

Julien Betrays The Company

Julien might switch sides this season. Having been the backup for three seasons, Julien is now prepared to take the lead. He was seen calling up another organisation that has been eyeing him for a headhunt at the end of Season 3.

Lastly, what if she finally learns French?

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