Tap Into The Energy Of The Supermoon Tonight To Manifest Your Dream Life, Here’s How

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Alert your soul tribe, bring out your healing crystals and prepare for a period of transformative manifestation as the supermoon in Capricorn illuminates the sky tonight. Shining its silver light on all that is holding us back, all that we need to let go of— a full moon is like a cosmic sigh that invites us to release that which is no longer serving us. What makes this particular full moon a little extra special besides the fact that it’s going to be the biggest and brightest full moon of 2022, is a numerological significance it holds. “July 2022 adds up to be a 13 and this month’s full moon is also falling on the 13th. 13 is the number of manifestation, of achieving what you want and letting go of what you don’t need to create space for the new. 3 and 1 add up to 4 which is all about development and bringing order to your life,” shares Ms Ashtar Tashi, a soul healer, spiritual mentor, crystal therapist and author of Keep Shining!: Find Your Happiness Quotient and Goddess in Gucci.

That’s not all friends, the ongoing Saturn retrograde has a part to play in amplifying the energy of the full moon and pushing you to look within. Coupled with the energy of the enterprising Capricorn, “This full moon is asking you to channel your inner boss babe and hustler, to make your dreams come true.” says Ms Urvi Shrimanker, a tarot card reader and meditation coach. 

While stepping outside your comfort zone can get overwhelming, Ashtar asks you to remember that the universe is always on your side, that things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. Here are some full moon rituals to try tonight as you set your intentions and surrender to the magic. 

Cleanse and Declutter

“Full moons are a great time to declutter your physical, mental, emotional and soul space. Clean out your closets, donate things you no longer use and bring light into someone’s life with some charity work. You can also take this time to review your exercise regime, eating habits, thought processes, self-talk etc” Ashtar suggests. “The energy of the moon is very fluid, it’s like water. Like the tides of the ocean, the energy of the full moon also ebbs and floods, it goes up and down which may lead to mood swings. The key is to be in awareness so that you can keep your emotions in check and respond instead of react. Full moons are a time of intense emotional activity and this July full moon is about making conscious choices— consciously declutter your emotions, let go of anything holding you back, it might make you uncomfortable but it’s necessary.”

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Cleansing your space and aura before a ritual is a great way to shake up stagnant energy. “My favourite way to cleanse is to use a smudging sage or a Palo Santo. If you have neither of these, a selenite stick should do the trick. The idea is to cleanse your entire body from head to toe and the area around you.

While you move your cleansing tool, affirm: 

“I am releasing all unwanted tension, stress and negativity. 

I am cleansed, I am free! 

I am welcoming a space of mental clarity, balance and creativity.”

As you cleanse the space around you, affirm: 

“I am removing negativity and stale energy from around me.

This place is a seat of creativity, something new and allowing me to explore my creativity.

My space is pure. My space is protected.” 

As you do this, continue taking deep inhales and exhales, really letting the stale energy out of you and new creative energy into you. ” Urvi explains. 

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Make A List

“Go ahead, make a list of all that you wish to create space with. You can make a list of the people you want to move away from, the job you want to leave, the sense of ego, stubbornness, fear etc that you wish to release and let go of. What you want to replace it with, is what you have to write. For example, if you are releasing your fear, the intent that you write should be ‘I am letting go of my fear of failure to make space for new opportunities that will give me the confidence to move forward’. Or, ‘I am ready to let go of my relationship with XYZ because I know I deserve a healthier, happier relationship with someone else.’ You can make different slips for different intentions. For the full moon, be very specific, you can’t dump everything on one full moon energy because remember, you have to work towards it too. Write three intentions every full moon and then the rest of the month, till the new moon, you work towards creating that as your reality,” Ashtar explains. 

Set It On Fire

“Once you’ve written down your intentions, move some incense smoke over it and burn it to ashes in a bowl using a candle flame. The collected ashes can then be drained in running water, ” Ashtar shares.

Explaining further, Urvi says, “Release them in the Universe and trust that it will all come to you at the right time. Since this is a full moon in Capricorn and all about hustling, I would also recommend burning cinnamon to bring in abundance and release any stuck emotions.” 


Post your manifestation ritual, I would recommend doing meditation, especially in tandem with the Full Moon energy. This should ideally involve a release of heavy emotions in order to let go of stagnant energy and bring in all that you’ve manifested into your life,” Urvi reveals. 


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If you have crystals, Ashtar recommends meditating with them, “Hold clear quartz in your left hand and black tourmaline in your right for mediation. Even if you’re not meditating, keep clear quartz in your left pocket and black tourmaline/ black onyx in your right for the period leading up to and post a full moon to help you balance your feminine and masculine energy. Besides that I recommend listening to full moon frequencies, there are beautiful solfeggio frequencies which one can use to enhance the meditative experience.”

Bathe In The Moonlight

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Taking in some moonlight is a great idea if it’s not raining and you can be outdoors, “Sit on your balcony, terrace or even on the ground to connect with mother earth. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open your arms wide and welcome the energy of the full moon goddess to come within you and illuminate all those parts that are hiding in dark spaces, so you are then ready to release them. As you feel the light coming in, you automatically get an insight about what are those parts of darkness that you want to let go of. You can actually release things like chronic illnesses and diseases, you can be illumined about your dark emotions, your anger, your envy, your jealousy, limiting beliefs etc and let go of them.” Ashtar concludes. 

Make Moon Water

Lastly, making moon water is a great way to bottle up the vibrant energy of this celestial body. It can be used in many different ways— you can drink it, put it in your tea, spray it around the house, clean your floor, put it in your bath water or use it to cleanse your crystals. Click here to find out how to make moon water.

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