Vibes Don’t Lie: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Seeing And Reading Auras

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Whether it’s aura-inspired prints on dresses and nails, the ample amount of creators on the internet trying to see the gleaming hue around their bodies or Taylor Swift singing ‘some guy said my aura’s moonstone just cause he was high’ in Bejeweled— there’s no denying that this magical glow has piqued the interest of believers and skeptics alike. If you’ve ever picked up on someone’s emotional currents and understood exactly what they’re feeling, without them even uttering a word or somehow instantly knowing if you’re going to get along with a person you just met based on their ‘vibes’— what you’re actually sensing is their aura. We spoke to Ashtar Tashi, a soul healer, spiritual mentor, crystal therapist and author of Keep Shining!: Find Your Happiness Quotient to find out everything about seeing and reading auras:

What Is An Aura?

Ashtar Tashi (AT): Aura is an energy field. Everything in this universe is energy and therefore all living things including plants, animals, trees, mountains, birds, and marine life have an aura— which is their vibration. The frequency at which all things vibrate is what creates the quality of the aura. For example, if you are feeling angry, low, jealous, tired or mentally stressed, you are going to be vibrating at a lower frequency. Therefore, your aura is going to be a contracted one. If you are in a space of immense gratitude, of wanting to help everyone around you, if you are feeling motivated, if you’re feeling excited, you are vibrating at a higher and faster frequency. Therefore, your aura will be more expanded. The vibrational frequency defines what the aura is going to be like.

Is It Possible To See Someone’s Aura With The Naked Eye?

AT: Yes it is possible. However, unfortunately, most people cannot. But as the universal energies expand, as humanity evolves and we start trusting our intuitions, human beings will be able to see auras with the naked eye. Regardless, I think most people can sense them unknowingly. It may happen that when you meet a new person you can instantly recognise what their presence makes you feel. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, anxious or sad when you meet certain beings, that means they are vibrating at a lower frequency. They are restricting your expansion as well and therefore you don’t feel comfortable in their vibrational space. You don’t realise that though you are unable to see their aura, you are sensing their vibration.

Seeing auras with the naked eye takes practice and the technique that has been around for the longest time is to always start by checking out the auras of the nature around you and not with your own body or other human beings. So the right way to do that would be sitting still in a quiet place, in a quiet space of the mind and spirit and then looking at, for example, a tree, a whole free-standing tree, which ideally doesn’t have too many trees around it. Squint your eyes slightly and focus on your breath. Breathwork is very important, you have to keep breathing very deeply, very evenly and get into a calmer mind space. Keep your focus with slightly, squinted eyes staring at the tree. Soon you will start noticing some kind of an outline of a different colour which will start showing up around it. They could be two or three layers of colour. What you’re looking at is the auric field of that tree. You can then start doing this with yourself— stand against a white or clean background and just look at yourself in a full-length mirror. By following the same technique, you’ll be able to see your own energetic field and eventually, with practice, other people’s aura too.


What Do The Different Colours Of The Aura Mean?

AT: There are innumerable shades of various colours that one can see in an aura but that happens with expert experience and knowing intuitively. But for basics, aura colours are basically the reflections of the status of your chakras.

Red: Root Chakra 

If someone is feeling very unhinged in life, they are not feeling grounded or they’re feeling very insecure about their financial status, job profile or their relationships— these are all issues to do with your root chakra. So as healers when we look at them we will find that the colour red would be muddy in their aura.

Orange: Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra has to do with creativity, passion, excitement for life etc. If the person is feeling very demotivated, lazy or procrastinative, that means the sacral chakra health is out of balance. So the colour orange in the aura is probably going to be missing or be dull and faded.

Yellow: Solar Plexus

Self-confidence, self-respect and the desire to overcome one’s fears come from the solar plexus, which is the yellow aura. On the other hand anger, ego, fearfulness and underconfidence can show up as a dull yellow colour which indicates an unbalanced solar plexus.

Green/Pink: Heart Chakra

A good heart space, gratitude, love, forgiveness— all of these make for a beautiful pink or green or for the heart chakra, unlike a faded pink or faded green that will tell us that the heart is hurt, that there is a broken heart situation here or there is very low self-love. If there is a lot of anger inside where love is concerned and bitterness where relationships are concerned, it can be seen as a duller aura.

Blue: Throat Chakra 

For the people who cannot speak their truth, do not stand up for their own voice, do not communicate with clarity, are not being understood or heard and are fearful of being shunned, the bright blue colour of the throat chakra would show up as a faded light blue or a faded turquoise blue.

Violet: Third Eye

People who trust their intuition, trust that they are gifted and that they are out here to share their wisdom with the world, their third eye would be a vibrant violet unlike those who are always self-doubting, who don’t believe that they are good enough mentally or have that much intelligence.

White/Silver: Crown Chakra

The crown chakra indicates the trust that one has in the universe which would show up as a brilliant white or silver colour around the person which is not going to be the case for people who are not trusting the universe, who are always complaining about the universe not being on their side and are always angry at the way things shape up for them.

Are There Good And Bad Auras?

AT: In our spiritual terms, there’s nothing such as good or bad, there is good and not-so-good— because everything has a reason for its existence. Auras can be either very bright and expansive or they can be contracted. For example, you could be feeling very confident in the morning when you wake up, excited to take on the day which means that your sacral chakra and your solar plexus chakras are vibrating at a very high frequency but when you get to work if you allow your boss or your colleagues to bring your energy down— maybe your work is not appreciated, your ideas are shot down, you did not meet the deadlines so on— the same aura, which was brilliant and bright and expanded in the morning, can become contracted and constricted and dull by mid-afternoon. Your aura can contract and expand based on what your experiences are and what you want to make of them. If you stick to your guns in the same situation and say, “Hey, you know what, it’s okay if my idea wasn’t approved, I can think of something else, maybe I can tweak this plan and make it better”— that way even if your aura did contract for a while, it can expand again.


How Can One Cleanse Their Aura?

AT: Cleansing the aura is extremely essential. One simple but effective way is grounding— walking barefoot on grass works well. You ground yourself every morning as a practice by sitting in the sunlight for 5-10 minutes and breathing in the fresh air. Just being out in the open with Mother Nature is the perfect way to cleanse the aura.  If it is raining, you can cleanse yourself in the rain or sit in a forest or under a tree and meditate. Working with crystals helps too, to balance whichever chakra of yours has contracted.

Writing down your thoughts is also a good way to cleanse your aura. We hold onto so much negativity in our thoughts, words and actions and don’t realise how much our auras are getting affected and darkened and dulled because of it. So one right way of doing it is to write it all down and then either tear, burn, throw or drain those papers away because we have to release all that pent-up frustration, anger, and irritation.

Eating more greens, more earth-based foods that grow closer to the ground like root vegetables, leafy greens etc helps too. Last but not the least, pray to the divine within you and learn to respect yourself. Every time you are feeling down, do not beat yourself up about it. Instead, sit in silence and tell yourself how much you love yourself, just the way you are. If you love and respect yourself, you will automatically not allow anybody to encroach on that space and disrespect you or love you any less. That keeps your aura and auric fields expanded and bright and happy without being affected by whatever is going on outside in the world.

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