Essential Eye-Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

Mature skin Eye makeup

It ain’t just skincare products that need to complement your skin type, makeup has to follow certain rules as well. Mature skin, technically described as over 40, can be dynamic with different needs. It tends to get drier and thinner because of the reduction in natural oil production, sun exposure and slower cell renewal speed. Mature skin is also more textured, especially around the eyes. Eye makeup is, therefore,  a crucial aspect of makeup during this phase because the prep, application and techniques need extra attention. We asked experts for effective tips and hacks to nail the eye makeup on mature skin.

Prepping Mature Skin For Makeup


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Regardless of the skin type, a fool-proof base prep is a crucial step that decides how your makeup will sit on the skin. Since mature skin is drier and might also be textured, it’s important to use a gentle cleanser in order to not overly dry out the face. Anu Kaushik, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Educator, says, “A well-hydrated skin is key to getting a perfect base on the mature skin. I like to layer serum followed by an intensive hydrating moisturiser.” Make sure to allow your serums, moisturisers and SPF to fully dry before you move on to the next step.

In addition to prepping your skin, you have to pay close attention to the eye area as well. Celebrity Makeup Artist Billy Manik reveals, “I use an under-eye cream that also primes the area well just before executing an eye makeup look.” Such under-eye creams make sure that you get an instant lifting, tightening, and hydrating effect without turning the makeup into a gunky mess. Also, avoid using regular eye creams under makeup as their heavy texture and formulation can make your eye area look too oily. “My favourite eye primer is the By Terry Hyaluronic-Hydra Powder.  It doesn’t settle into the creases, plumps up the skin and blurs lines expertly,” says Anu. 

Priming Mature Skin For Eye Makeup

It is a common misconception among people with a mature skin type that they need to pack on layers of product in order to blur out redness, fine lines and wrinkles. This will be counterproductive as lighter priming agents are better at sitting on textured mature skin and allowing you to apply makeup over it flawlessly.

Since the eye area can be dull and dry, it is recommended to use hydrating formulas that also provide an illuminating and brightening effect. Billy recommends the Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging by Urban Decay. The formulation has been particularly developed for mature skin to add suppleness and elasticity to the under-eye area. 

Pro Tip: Apply your cream-based primers with fingers so that the natural heat of the body helps melt it onto the skin.

Pro Tips For Mature Skin Eye Makeup


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Some of the handy suggestions from MUAs are –

1. Glitter-heavy and high-shine eyeshadows should be avoided.

2. Keep the eye look minimal and simple. Smudged eyeliners and kohls work well for mature skin types. 

3. When it comes to false lashes, people with droopy eyes should avoid them. For others, it is recommended to adhere individual lashes on just the outer corners for a lifting effect.

4. Brows play a crucial role in accentuating the eye makeup and shaping the face overall.  The right shape can pull and uplift the face instantly. Soft powders and tinted brow gels are ideal picks to shape them. Thicker eyebrows can add a youthful quality to the overall look and since eyebrows get sparse with age, fill them in with subtle strokes. 

5. Try to avoid powder, shimmery or highlighting cosmetics as they tend to bring focus on creases and lines. If you crave some gleam, opt for a satin finish as opposed to glitter. Luminous light browns, taupes and neutrals are ideal shades to go for.

6. It is best to use cream-based eyeshadows and tints on mature skin. Avoid matte and heavy concealers and foundation near the eye area.

7. Maintain a diffused feel in the eye makeup; strong lines like floating or graphic shapes should be avoided.

8. Add uplifting details to the outer corner of the eye to make sure that the eye look has the right depth and dimension without being too overwhelming on mature skin.

9. Be conservative with the cream shadow – instead of the inner corner, focus the pigment on the outer and blend upwards for a lifted but natural finish. Also start from the outwards and go inwards so that the shadow gets lighter as you go in.

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