World Mental Health Day: 9 Experts Share Positive Quotes To Help You Get Through The Day

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Life brings unexpected obstacles and challenges, which are difficult to take on. And this only puts us in a rough mood. In tense situations, all we need is some inspiration, motivation, and a pick-me-up! Enter: positive quotes that bring a smile to your face.

This World Mental Health Day, nine therapists, counsellors and psychologists come to your rescue with life hacks and feel-good, positive quotes to help you get through that mid-week slump! Bookmark them, you never know when it might come in handy for you or your close ones.

1. Vidhi Tamboli, Co-founder, The Mood Space

“You’ve navigated through past challenges, and just like that, you will this time too.”

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2. Dr. Radhika Bapat, Clinical Psychotherapist

“Don’t ask how life is treating you, how are YOU treating life?”

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3. Aishwarya Jain, Clinical Psychologist, Glisten Healthcare

“Remember everyone else – the friendships, relationships and jobs are the icing. YOU are the cake.”

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4. Rajan Navani, Founder Of App, And Vice Chairman & Managing Director, JetSynthesys

“Live in your passion be it your work or your hobby. Know that time is your biggest asset so master it for yourself. Foster positivity through every action, however small. Meditate to find that deeper space inside that unlocks your happy and peaceful world outside.”

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5. Behzad Randeria, Certified Life And Executive Coach, And Master At

“We are all a work in progress, and the moment we realise this certainty we allow ourselves the freedom to fail…and rise again. And again. And again.”

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6. Dimple Sharma, Counsellor And Founder, A Safe Space For You

“We live in a stereotyped world, often habituated with norms that are imbibed in us since childhood, thus making it our life’s script and following it virtually as a template. Don’t limit yourselves to this. Do things that make you feel free and liberated. #UnlearnTheLearning.”

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7. Trisha M, Certified Yoga Teacher And Master At

“To enrich your mental make up, focus on filtering out old beliefs. Reach out to those who lend their hands to help you stand tall.”

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8. Anushree Chatterji, Psychotherapist And Founder, Thriver’s Zone

“Perfect lives we see online filled with constant joy and cordial relationships isn’t a reality. Getting to this ideal version, in fact, makes you overlook smaller achievements and moments of joy. So focus on action, one day at a time. When you look back, you’ll see that’s what life is all about.”

positive quotes

9. Natasha D, Yoga Expert And Life Coach

“Hold space for yourself. Place your hand on your heart, feel your heart pound in your chest. Feel this body you are in, a resilient container holding a lifetime of emotions, memories and dreams.”

positive quotes

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