Top 5 Fashion Commentators To Follow If You Identify As A Raging Fashion Geek


Fashion commentary, criticism or even appreciation for that matter is risky business. One wrong word and boom, you’re unfriended. It’s like treading on an invisible, microscopic thread of make or break. Mostly break though. Forget the free PR goodies you so fervently devoured. How dare you call that designer’s attempt at launching a culinary off-shoot good and not fantastically deliciouso and mind-brilliantly scrumptious? The nerve.

Despite the rocky road and mostly bleak career prospects, a handful of commentators manage to survive and make a name for themselves. With grit and passion, of course. Oh and yes a copious serving of sassiness multiplied by an awe-inspiring truckload of fashion knowledge, one could only dream of possessing.

But you know what? You too, can now distinguish your Gallianos from the Gaultiers. Just keep up with these commentators et voilà, Suzy Menkes shall face her newest competition soon.

Haute Le Mode

The breakthrough of Luke Meagher – the face, voice & critic behind Haute Le Mode is a tale of modern, digital savvy fashion journalism at its finest. A pass out from FIT, Luke’s YouTube channel shot to fame, back in 2018. Be it his raw, unfiltered fashion opinions or his tongue-in-cheek remarks about designers lacking (collection or vision wise), his scathing commentary keeps us audiences equal parts informed & entertained.



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High fashion Instagram & Twitter is replete with countless runway throwbacks & red carpet pictures. Then what makes Kim Russell’s, aka Kimbino’s account different? The fashion archivist only presents facts cast in stone & opinions crafted with research. She’s fun, she takes a stand when needed & knows how to engage with her audience. And now, her photoshopped edits of celebrities with iconic clothes they didn’t wear irl, presents her as a purveyor of reimagined vintage styling and we’re certainly not complaining.

Ishita Mangal


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Ishita’s Mangal is not your usual fashion creator. She styles, she jokes around & does all of this, while lacing her voiceovers with sarcasm. Facts only. Her expertise extends into the makeup realm too, making her a master of all trades. Her internet persona is varied. A mélange of sorts, ranging from styling tips and societal commentary to vividly shot reels raking high on the artistic pedestal.

Sufi Motiwala


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Sufi is a budding fashion creator, studying fashion communication at the side. His Instagram reels reviewing outfits from the Met Gala & runways to dissecting the very style of our Indian fashion influencers have racked up thousands of views. His concise commentary is laced with personal inputs and a simplistic tone of conveyance which makes it easier for a non-aware person to sort of understand & enjoy fashion through a critical lens.

Evan Ross Katz

Evan’s outstandingly written Instagram bio gives insight into the many hats he wears & with much zest. He’s a pop culture messiah, single handedly carrying the stardom of the cult hit Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He’s also a fashion columnist – he’s featured here, goes without saying. His comments on anything fashion are amusingly curt, adhering to a niche, well-informed audience who love a good sprinkle of bold commentary.

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