A Comprehensive Fashion Forecast For The Aries Sign: Fiery And Statement Styles Are So In

Aries Sign

The Aries sign can easily be considered the trendsetter of the zodiac, as they’re characterised by their passionate, and bold personalities. Their personal wardrobe is made up of statement pieces that perfectly capture the Ram’s fiery flair in particular. Touted as a supremely powerful star sign, their energy is pleasant, enjoyable, and indicative of leadership, which undoubtedly extends to their fashion choices that boast of striking pieces, vivid designs and risqué elements.

And since, the Aries sign is constantly on the go, their outfits inevitably end up translating this trait of their’s – the outfits are simple to put together and allow ample mobility whilst being practical and on-trend. Clean lines, bold colours, and precise details are common fashion hallmarks of the Aries sign. Here’s some inspiration from leading Bollywood ladies that you can bookmark, this Aries season.

Strategic Cutouts

Ultra-sexy, audacious and head-turning, Maddie Perez coded cutouts will reign the wardrobes of those under the Aries sign, for the foreseeable future. There’s oomph, and there’s drama.

Kim K Kalled

Bodycons, oversized shirts, large glares and pointy straight tresses – Kimberly was sure on the inspiration board for this one. While this one’s too niche to identify as a trend, the ensembles that fall under this Kim-K-post-her-divorce-era fits seamlessly with the Aries aesthetic.

Sheer Visions

This season, the star sign can give sheer, yet tastefully done pieces a shot, like this Giambattista Valli number of our dreams. Styled by Tanya Ghavri, the floor length gown possesses the aptitude to match the provocative and creative side of the sign.

Tropic Trance

Vacation calling! Always on the move (well, not so much in this capitalist society), the Aries sign loves their vacay pieces or clothing reminiscent of their past trips, or the one that’s in the works. And mind you, there’s always one.

Structural Science

Firstly, a round of applause for Sobhita in this Gaurav Gupta ensemble, simply magnificent. It’s the peplum inspired insert and striking yet soft 3D embellishments that will click with the confident sign – they do appreciate subtleties, contrary to popular opinion.

Sunny Disposition

Sundresses for the win. Marking the ascent of the summer season, their sartorial repertoire is bound to reflect the same. Nothing like a sultry sundress with animal prints. Ticks all boxes for the sign.

Statement Soldier

Folks ruled by the Ram do love their statement overcoats and unconventional trenches. Ever spot a lone yet self-assured ranger, walking quietly in a corner inside an art gallery wearing the most OTT (slightly obnoxious, yet so cool) shrug? Chances are high, it could be an Aries.

Risqué Ranger

Pandering to the brazen and seductive side of the sign, risqué silhouettes will be in, this season. Crisscross detailing, barely-there lingerie, innerwear as outerwear, you name it, the sartorial memo for the Aries sign prioritises sex appeal.

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- Digital Fashion Writer


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