5 Feminist Instagram Accounts To Follow For Some Wholesome Reality Checks


If I had to put money in a jar every time a guy asked me if I am the ‘feminist type’, my morning iced coffee would be funded for life. I still haven’t cracked the code on how to answer this question, my fellow girl tribe hasn’t drawn a blank like me. Many smart and sassy women have found a way to answer all the tone-deaf patriarchal statements through their aesthetically curated Instagram accounts. On most days, I wake up loving all my curves and edges, despite society’s casual but unrelenting attempts at making me feel lesser for my perceived “flaws.” But on days when I need that extra nudge, I turn to these women-made communities on the internet.

The female forces behind these accounts don’t just smash patriarchy at every chance they get—they are simultaneously uplifting women, creating opportunities and having difficult conversations that are often left undiscussed in rooms with men in suits. If you’re looking to follow new accounts beyond your regular meme providers, here are the 5 feminist Instagram pages that are my go-to for all things inspirational and motivational.

1. Womanistan


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With a strong following of 241k, Womanistan is a female-led page from across the border that talks about issues faced by women in society. Apart from that, they are constantly highlighting conversations around mental health, gender equality—all while promoting female artists and businesses.

2. Not Your Wife


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Founded by Kiran and Sonam in 2020, Not your Wife is a media platform created for the amplification of the voices of South Asian Women. The social media page often tackles important subjects around women with an interesting integration of pop culture. According to the founders, the South Asian diaspora is heavily under-represented and through this medium, they aim to tell more stories and create opportunities for brown girls.

3. Violet Clair (Samantha Rothenberg)

Samantha Rothenberg is an illustrator, who goes by her alter-ego Violet Clair on Instagram. Subtlety is not her best suit, Violet likes to call a spade a spade—which in this case is men and their multiple issues. Taking from her own personal experiences and that of her many loyal female followers— Violet’s illustrations are sharp and calls out all the problems women face, without really sugar-coating it.

4. The Indian Feminist

Smashing toxic masculinity 1 post at a time—The Indian Feminist is run by two first-generation immigrant women from New Zealand who question the outdated mindset of the society through this platform.  The idea is to empower women, challenge the norms and build a community that wants to bring about change.

5. Fuck patriarchy

Their bio rightfully says, “We are the granddaughters of the witches they didn’t burn”.  The brainchild of Tanzeela and Sushmita, Fuck Patriarchy does exactly what the name suggests. Through their series of informative posts, these women are constantly addressing misogyny and shedding light on issues faced by women of every race, culture and religion.

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