Floral Nail Designs For Spring? Groundbreaking

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Okay, Miranda, florals for spring may not necessarily be groundbreaking but they sure are hella cute! A great way to embody the vibrant energy of the season, trust flower power to instantly cheer you up. Whether you’re in the mood for a little retro drama or tend to steer towards more minimal styles, we’ve found some unique floral nail designs that are perfect for springtime and beyond:

1. Retro Drama

Contrasting colours always make a statement!

2. Accent Florals


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Pastel purple and yellow is what springtime colour combo dreams are made of.

3. Dainty Daisies

Daisy me rollin’, they hatin’

4. French Florals

Why choose conventional french tips when you can have floral ones instead?

5. Farm Life

This spring, pair your delicate florals with a coloured cow print. Don’t ask why. Ask, why not?

6. Pressed Flowers

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Go the extra mile by incorporating real flower petals with gold leaf detailing in your manicure.

7. Rose Garden

Life may not be perfect but your nails can be.

8. Bridgeton Blues

Celebrate season 2 of Bridgeton with Daphne’s signature colour.

9. Negative Space Florals

Not into colours but still want to hop on the floral bandwagon? This one’s for you.

10. Cerulean Spring

Haven’t you heard? Cerulean is the colour for Spring/Summer 2022.

11. Delicate Blooms

It’s all about the details.

12. Floral Doodles

Keep it clean and classic with scattered dasies and a touch of glitter.

13. Simple Smiles

Happy flowers to match your million dollar smile.

14. Wildflowers

Bring the garden to your fingertips!

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