Foot Care Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy And Infection-Free This Monsoon

Foot care

Like many, I also enjoy monsoons. However, frizzy hair and dirty feet are two rainy-season woes I don’t like to deal with. While I have found my peace with hair frizz, dirty feet are almost inevitable when stepping out in the rain. Monsoons bring along an excess of humidity which causes sweaty feet resulting in infections and odour. That’s precisely why foot care is of extreme importance this season. Here’s a comprehensive guide to foot care that will ensure your feet are soft, clean and infection-free this monsoon!

Change Your Footwear Habits

Foot care

Open footwear allows your feet to breathe as opposed to closed ones which can increase the chances of catching an infection, all thanks to the moisture getting trapped in the shoes because of the rains. However, if you have no option but to wear closed footwear, make sure you’re using fungal powder to prevent any infections.

Wash Your Feet Every Time You Come Home

Foot care

Spending even a couple of minutes outdoors in the rain can expose the feet to infection-causing germs. The best way to avoid this is to wash your feet with an anti-bacterial soap thoroughly. Pat them dry immediately after without letting them be damp for a prolonged time.

Exfoliate Your Feet

Incorporate exfoliation into your foot care routine. Since the skin on your feet is thicker than usual, you can opt for a physical exfoliant to get rid of any roughness, skin buildup along with grime. However, opt for exfoliating your feet only twice a week and follow it up with a moisturiser.

Moisturise Your Feet

Foot care

Use a deeply hydrating foot cream twice a day on dry feet to make sure the heels and edges aren’t dry. Excessive dryness and cracked heels are breeding grounds for infections, especially if they’re exposed to rainy waters.

Damp Socks Are A No-No

Wearing damp socks puts your feet at risk of catching fungal infections. The trapped moisture and dampness also contribute to bad odour. But if your socks get wet leaving you no option, soak your feet in warm water and use anti-bacterial once you get back home.

Short Nails For The Win

Foot care

Keeping your toenails groomed by cutting them to an optimal short length is a way of making sure that an unnecessary amount of dirt doesn’t get accumulated in your toenails. Additionally, moisture causes toenails to become brittle so a regular trim keeps it under check.

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