From The Streets to Canvas With Vespa

In this very special art issue, ELLE India delves into the timeless allure of Vespa, a brand that has always embraced artistic aspirations. Through captivating collaborations with renowned artists like Stefan Rohrer and Romero Britto, Vespa’s journey intersects with the world of art, infusing each creation with vibrant energy and boundless creativity. From the bold, bright prints of Robero Britto to the playful and whimsical Lego art by Eugene Tan, these collaborations offer a unique perspective on Vespa’s iconic design.

Join us as we explore the fascinating relationship between Vespa and the artist, discovering the magic that happens when two worlds collide in a burst of colour and imagination.

Stefan Rohrer: Spiraling into a New Vespa Dimension

Stefan Rohrer, a visionary sculptor with an eye for the dynamic, has taken the iconic Vespa and propelled it into a realm of playful spirals and autonomous beauty. Conceived during the Heidenheimer Sculpture Symposium in 2013, Rohrer’s Vespa art leaps beyond traditional boundaries, distorting these timeless scooters into pieces that buzz with a life of their own. His sculptures, known for embodying a compressed sequence of movement, bring a unique narrative to the Vespa, transforming it from a mere mode of transport into a storyteller of speed and fluidity. Rohrer, born in Göppingen in 1968 and now creating in Stuttgart, has long been fascinated with vehicles as the core of his art. By reimagining old cars, motorbikes, and scooters, he breathes into them a new identity, one that’s autonomous and vibrant. This German artist sees Vespas not just as scooters but as icons of consumer society, now reinterpreted through his creative lens to evoke both nostalgia and novelty.

This partnership with Vespa isn’t just about showcasing a series of reimagined scooters; it’s about inviting us to see the poetry in motion, to feel the thrill of life in the spiralling paths we navigate.

Romero Britto Drives Vespa into a World of Abstract Imagery and Positivity

In an explosion of colour and optimism, this is the collaboration that brings together the joyful art of Romero Britto with the timeless elegance of Vespa scooters. Britto, a Brazilian artist, painter, and sculptor, is celebrated for his vibrant, iconographic art that combines elements of cubism, pop art, and graffiti painting in his work. For this special collaboration, Britto has reimagined Vespa scooters as canvases for his infectious positivity, transforming them into moving masterpieces of bold lines, bright colours, and playful patterns. This scooter tells a story of joy, love, and optimism, embodying Britto’s belief in the transformative power of art to inspire happiness and change.

Britto’s work is a perfect match for Vespa, a brand that has always stood for more than just mobility. Vespas are symbols of style, freedom, and a zest for life, ideals that resonate deeply with Britto’s artistic philosophy. The collaboration sees these iconic scooters adorned with Britto’s signature style, making each piece a statement of art in motion, inviting onlookers to find joy in the mundane things.

Mr Brainwash and Vespa: A Journey Through Pop Art and Streets of Milan

Embarking on a vivid journey where street art meets iconic design, Thierry Guetta, best known by his moniker Mr Brainwash, collaboration with Vespa for the ‘Milan Is Beautiful’ exhibition in 2019 at Deodato Arte gallery marks a thrilling fusion of cultural homage and artistic innovation. This partnership saw the historic and quintessentially Italian Vespa scooter reimagined through a riot of colours and the emblematic visuals of pop and street art, signatures of Mr. Brainwash’s renowned style. Each piece in this exclusive series, limited to 100 hand-signed and numbered silkscreen prints, embodies a celebration of Italian and Milanese splendour, showcasing the Vespa not just as a mode of transportation but as a canvas for artistic expression.

This collaboration stands out as Mr. Brainwash’s first solo exhibition in Italy, presenting an opportunity for the artist to pay tribute to Italy’s rich cultural heritage and its influence on the world of art and design. The Vespa, an enduring symbol of Italian elegance and ingenuity, is transformed under Mr Brainwash’s creative vision into a dynamic work of art that captures the essence of Milan’s vibrant street life and its iconic status in the pop art movement.


Each print, measuring 30×22 inches, transcends the traditional boundaries of street art, becoming a collector’s item that bridges the gap between high art and everyday life. This series is a testament to the power of art to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, inviting viewers to see the world around them through a lens of colour, joy, and boundless creativity.

As these limited edition pieces find their way into the hands of art enthusiasts and Vespa aficionados alike, they serve as a vibrant reminder of the exhibition’s success in bringing together art, history, and innovation in a celebration that is as beautiful and spirited as the city of Milan itself.

Eugene Tan’s ‘Art, a Piece at a Time’: A Lego Vespa Masterpiece

Eugene Tan’s groundbreaking exhibition, ‘Art, a Piece at a Time,’ showcases a mesmerising intersection of art, architecture, and childhood nostalgia through the medium of Lego bricks. This Singaporean artist, from the tender age of four, found his passion and preferred company in Lego bricks over conventional playtime activities. His dedication and creativity with these pint-sized blocks led him to win three consecutive Lego building competitions by the age of eight, a testament to his early mastery and love for the craft.

The centrepiece of Tan’s exhibition is a life-size Vespa scooter, meticulously constructed from Lego bricks, available for $28,000. This remarkable piece not only celebrates the iconic Italian scooter but also represents Tan’s extraordinary ability to transform the familiar into the extraordinary. His exhibition doesn’t stop at this stunning sculpture; it extends into a diverse array of artworks that includes two-dimensional portraits of poignant figures such as MM Lee Kuan Yew, Chairman Mao, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. These portraits pay homage to these iconic individuals while showcasing Tan’s versatility and precision with Lego as an art form.

Beyond portraits, the exhibition is enriched with Tan’s personal takes on Lichtenstein pop art and three-dimensional installations that include a chilli-red fire hydrant and a chess piece. These pieces further underline his innovative use of Lego bricks to explore and express artistic concepts, bringing a fresh perspective to pop art and everyday objects.

‘Art, a Piece at a Time’ is more than an exhibition; it’s a celebration of imagination, innovation, and the enduring appeal of Lego. Tan invites us to revisit our childhood wonder through his sophisticated and joyful Lego creations, proving that art can indeed imitate life, often with a playful twist. His work not only breathes new life into familiar Lego blocks but also offers viewers a delightful journey through nostalgia, artistry, and innovation.

Image Credits – Vespa

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