6 Gadgets To Take Your Fitness Journey To The Next Level #ELLETech

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Made a fitness resolution for the new year? Great. Need some help to see it through? Say no more– make those repetitive exercises a lot more enjoyable with gadgets that will help you take the ‘work’ out of workout. From smart jumping ropes to muscle recovery tools, here are 6 functional but fun fitness gadgets to give your regular routine a futuristic update.

1. Smart Jumping Rope 


Your favourite cardio exercise just got better! Swap your regular jumping rope for a smart one to track your fitness progress. This fun fitness gadget is a smart jumping rope that connects to your phone via Bluetooth to measure and keep track of your workout data including jump count, calories burnt and time elapsed. Time to get skipping!

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2. All-In-One Dumbbell 


Want to kickstart your strength training at home without the hassle of individual dumbbells? The Cube Club offers a smarter solution by putting them all into one set. Shift between 15/17 different weights with a simple turn of a dial. It’s the only dumbbell you’ll ever need. This one makes a great case for investing in a fun fitness gadget that helps you amp up your workout.

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3. Smart Weighing Scale

Go beyond just checking your weight by bringing home the Flexscale that measures 13 body parameters like body fat, BMI, protein, body water, visceral fat, metabolic age and more. It also provides key insights and graphs to help understand what works better for your body in order to set goals. Of course, this could be alarming but hey, knowledge is power.

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4. Vibrating Foam Roller


A foam roller is great to combat muscle soreness but you know what’s better? A vibrating foam roller! This smart gadget features three vibration levels for improved efficacy and a deeper massage for all your warmup and recovery needs.

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5. Metabolism Tracker


Lumen is the world’s first hand-held device that can accurately measure and track your metabolism. All you have to do is breathe in through it, hold your breath for ten seconds and breathe back out. Lumen will then measure the C02 levels in your breath to interpret if your body is using carbs or fats for fuel. It provides nutrition recommendations accordingly. They ship globally.

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6. Smart Water Bottle 


Hidrate Spark 3 is the world’s smartest water bottle that glows to remind you to drink water. It also connects via Bluetooth to your phone to track your water intake and keep your daily goal updated as you go. Stay hydrated!

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