7 Funny And Relatable Corporate Content Accounts On Instagram To Get You Through The Workweek

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Corporate life is like reliving high school— it comes with its own jargon, hierarchy ladder to climb, mean girls to deal with and crippling anxiety to drown in cups of coffee. And while everyone has their own set of experiences, there are some commonalities between corporate workplaces that bond their employees over shared trauma. On the bright(-ish) side, it does result in loads of relatable memes that you and your work besties can have a good laugh about (as you stay back in the office on a Friday night completing an ‘urgent’ 76 slide presentation). From relatable depictions of the WTF situation to mocking corporate email lingo, here are 7 funny corporate content accounts on Instagram to follow right away:

Funny Corporate Content Accounts To Follow On Instagram

1. @corporatenatalie

CEO of WFH jokes, Corporate Natalie is a co-worker we’d love to share desk space with. From faking technology issues on a Zoom call and the realities of getting through the workday on a Friday to dealing with all kinds of co-workers, she understands the pains of Gen Z workers adapting to hybrid early in their careers and puts a comic spin to it.

2. @justme.rod


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A post shared by Rod (@justme.rod)

Don’t worry corporate millennials, I’m not overlooking your struggles. Whether it’s figuring out your Gen Z coworker or calculating the ‘!’ to ‘.’ ratio before hitting send on an email or using throwbacks and iced coffee to avoid quitting your job— Rod is the guy for you.

3. @loewhaley


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Laura gets the credit for changing the way I write my corporate emails. Equal parts informative and funny, she makes content about dealing with coworkers who don’t respect boundaries, rates people’s out-of-office emails and mocks the unwritten rules of the corporate world (apart from overusing the word ‘moist’ to annoy her work bestie).

4. @dmicheleeee


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A post shared by DANA (d) (@dmicheleeee)

Dana’s corporate culture content will get you saying “that’s me”, reel after reel. Her videos range from funny situations involving unreasonable managers to thinking about quitting after every minor inconvenience that is sure to help you feel a little less alone in the sea of your corporate workplace.

5. @pashagrozdov

Fabulous is Pasha’s middle name. Here to make you laugh, his content featuring dramatic parodies, sassy emails to recruiters, managers and HR and skits about niches and stereotypes are all you need for that extra boost of confidence to get you through a tough workday.

6. @satshya

Between making humorous content about the complexity of Indian languages to funny skits about family and relationship drama, Satshya makes relatable corporate culture content, especially for the Gen Z freshers— everything from the struggles of applying for leave (*cries in corporate*) to being stuck with a grumpy manager.

7. @saraimariee_


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A post shared by Sarai (@saraimariee_)

Sarai is known for her funny POV skits about corporate workplace situations featuring her as different characters. Quite quitting, acting your wage, unpaid interns, colleague drama, terms for promotions— her reels will get you up to speed with all the current internet trends about corporate culture.

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