Mane Point: Gemini Hair Is The Hair Colour Trend That’s Going To Be Everywhere In 2023


ANOTHER hair colour trend? Yes, that’s right. 2023 is going to be all about hair—whether that’s the skinification of hair, quirky hair colours or hairstyles. There’s nothing like a vibrant hair colour trend to start the year. Gemini hair is the latest trend on the block catching eyeballs, and we’re here for it.

In the mystical world of astrology, the Gemini sign is symbolised by two twins that represent a dual personality. Hence, Gemini hair or dual-toned hair gets its name. Gemini hair allows you to stand out by combining two colours, without blending them together. While we still love our ombre and balayage, let’s make 2023 about quirky colours. If you’ve always been confused between two colours, Gemini hair will take that confusion away and let you go all out.

Touted as the rising hair colour trend for 2023, Gemini hair can be played around with and dialled up or down as per your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a simple colour job with your natural hair or something that blends vibrancy with bold colours—there’s a little something for everyone.

Here’s some colourful inspiration from our Gemini hair mood board to yours.—

Cruella Who?


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I think we could all universally agree that Cruella de Vil was not the villain at all. They say blondes have the most fun, but let’s be real— so do our black-haired besties. This combination of black and blonde makes for the ultimate showstopper. The blonde side of your hair leaves some room for experimentation in case you change your mind!

Of Neons

We’ve all dreamt about dipping our toes into the neon bucket, haven’t we? But, if we’re being honest, the thought of having a head full of neon hair can be a daunting one. Luckily, Gemini hair helps one ease into the world of striking colours. Opt for one vibrant neon hue and balance it out with your natural hair on the other side!

Watermelon Sugar


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We’re still humming the tunes to this summer track by Harry Styles. Pastel hues will always see a resurgence when the sun starts to shine. A combination of soft pinks with mint green adds a rather refreshing pop to your locks.

It Was All Bright

This one’s for the brave and the mighty. Neon hues top the list when it comes to wanting to stand out. With maximalism seeing an all-time rise in beauty, it’s no secret that striking colours will be everywhere in 2023. Popping pinks, zesty oranges, buzzing blues, and gorgeous greens— there’s a vivid combination for everyone.

However, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before hopping on the Gemini hair bandwagon.

  1. While experimenting and playing with hair colours at home can be a fun activity, it’s always best to let the professionals do their job with the hair colour. Especially when you’re opting for brighter colours.
  2. It is absolutely normal to be in two minds about choosing a combination of colours. Try using temporary colours before you take the plunge towards permanent ones.
  3. If you’re inching towards blonde hair, always remember to include purple shampoo into your routine to minimise brassy tones.

- Beauty Writer


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