Beyond Shampoos And Conditioners: Here’s Why You Need To Amp Up Your Hair Care Routine


If there’s one question I get asked more times than I can count apart is ‘How is your hair STILL so soft after damaging it so much?’ Let me give you a little context, I’ve been colouring my hair for the past seven years without giving it a break. Add heat damage to this, and no one is going to be surprised if all my locks collapse on the floor in one resigned heap. However, they are still attached to my scalp and soft, healthy and shiny. The secret is giving the same amount of attention to the hair as the skin.

When it comes to ensuring the health of the skin, we invest in the best serums, mists, moisturisers, oils and masks. But when we think haircare, we only restrict ourselves to using shampoos and conditioners, and if we’re not lazy, we throw in hair masks. Your hair needs much more TLC than given by regular washes – the constant damage can result in excessive frizz, dryness, and lack-lustre locks. Fret not, because there is a way to put a stop to this and still continue to experiment with all the crazy colours you’re dreaming of.

The key is to follow a hair care regimen that includes various products created to boost scalp health or repair damage caused. Here’s all that you should be incorporating into your routine without fail.

Hair Oil

After a long day, nothing makes me feel calmer than a classic head massage with some oil. An oil massage also works effectively to strengthen the hair right from the roots. Regular application of oil also helps with frizz and infuses life into dull hair. However, if you suffer from an oily scalp, it’s best to check with your dermatologist on how frequently you can use hair oil in your existing regime.


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Fable & Mane’s HoliRoot Hair Oil comes infused with Ashwagandha, dashmool and castor oil— all of which promote hair growth and texture along with supporting the stimulation of the scalp. It also strives to reduce dandruff and repair a flaky scalp. What works like a charm is heating this up a tad bit before application. 

Scalp Serum

Yep, scalp serums are an actual thing. Scalp care is just as crucial as hair care as it directly impacts the health of the hair. Scalp serums rebalance and nourish the scalp with their concentrated formulas, often targeting specific concerns that range from thinning hair to an irritable scalp and even dry hair.

A scalp serum is supposed to be eased into a regime, begin by using it twice a week and slowly increase it to every day. Serums work differently compared to oils, they’re quickly absorbed into your scalp without any residue.

The Kérastase Potentialiste Serum is the ultimate serum to have if you’re battling poor hair health. Powered by microbiomes which instantly revitalise and balance the scalp, this product improves scalp health upon regular usage.

Scalp Scrub

While physical exfoliants are passe for the skin, did you know that scrubs for your scalp are actually really beneficial? With the overuse of products and chemical treatment, product buildup is a real struggle. A scalp scrub helps you get rid of that buildup and improves the effectiveness of other haircare products. These scrubs aren’t meant to be used on a daily basis since they could strip the scalp of its natural oils and make it more prone to irritability. Use a scalp scrub once in a few weeks, every time you feel there’s an excessive buildup that’s hampering the rest of your haircare.

The Armonia scrub from Nashi Argan aids in restoring an irritated scalp back to its prime health. Armonia soothes the scalp and offers it a deep and thorough cleanse, helping it get rid of all buildup.

Leave-in Conditioner

According to us, leave-in conditioners are practically gold in a bottle for hair. These products are specifically designed to lock moisture into the hair, especially when it’s feeling dry and frizzy. Leave-in conditioners shield the locks from the damage caused by the incessant use of heating tools and chemical treatments too. These conditioners work like a charm for people who simply cannot go a day without styling their mane and even for all the lazy ones who refuse to put any extra effort to take care of their locks. All you need to do is scrunch your damp hair with a leave-in conditioner and you’re good to go!

Moroccanoil’s All-In-One Leave-in Conditioner instantly revives your hair and infuses it with the goodness of argan oil. With rice amino acids that help to increase the strength of your hair, this leave-in conditioner doesn’t just make your hair feel softer, but also helps detangle the knots in it. It works best when sprayed into damp hair.

Hair Primer

Just like your makeup needs a primer to look flawless, your mane also needs a primer to create an even base before blowdrying it or using any other heating tool. So, if you’re someone who enjoys using heating tools, then a primer needs to be a part of your regime. These primers help in prepping your hair before the application of heat and reduce frizz, creating a voluminous shape for your locks whilst holding them in place.

Milkshake’s Blow Dry Primer comes with a unique, lightweight formula that immediately sinks into your tresses upon application. Enriched with fruit extracts that smoothen your mane, this primer doesn’t just protect your hair from heat but it also helps with maintaining your style for much longer.

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