Let’s Take A Moment To Celebrate Hair Rollers That Help Create A Fabulous, Bouncy 90s Blowout


We’ve seen hairstyles go from big, voluminous blowouts to beachy waves, and most recently, to slicked-back buns. And while I am not the kind to go spiralling down into a trend but if the Instagram reels are anything to go by,  the 90s blowout has become a favourite and it would be safe to declare that big hair is back!

Back then this bouncy hairstyle synonymous with old Hollywood was achieved using hair rollers and hooded dryers. But today, with at-home hair styling being all the rage, we have expensive hair tools that do the job for us. Giving credit where it is due, the Dyson Airwrap has single-handedly brought back bouncy curls. But for beauty enthusiasts on a budget, there’s good news.

With other 90’s hair tools like claw clips and scrunchies coming back in style, hair rollers are also seeing the light of the present day. So, in this roller coaster of an article (pun absolutely intended), we’re going to talk about some interesting ways to use hair rollers to achieve the blowout of your dreams.

The 90s Blowout


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Damp your hair and brush it out, making sure there are no tangles. Starting from the crown of your head and moving from back to front, section hair vertically into small sections. If you want, you could use a blow brush to speed up the entire process.

Wrap the sections backwards into big-sized rollers and secure them with clips. Once the crown section is complete, style the bangs and side pieces using medium-sized rollers. Leave the hair be for about 15-30 minutes and you have yourself a bouncy blowout!

You could additionally also use a setting spray to ensure the hairstyle lasts all day long.

Dyson-Velcro Roller Hack


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Now, I did say that hair rollers are an alternative to the Dyson Airwrap. But, if you happen to have both these tools, using them together is a sure-shot way of making your hairstyle last longer.

Simply pass a hair roller through the curling attachment of the Dyson Airwrap and curls as usual. After you’re done, secure the section in place around the hair roller and take the Dyson out of the roller.

Extra Volume


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Rather than using hair rollers from ends to roots, you can also focus them just along the roots to give your hair some instant volume. Section your hair vertically along the forehead. Wrap each section going outwards and away from your face around a hair roller and clip the rollers to each other–almost forming a chain.

This method gives you free reign to style the length of your hair to your liking, while giving you volume at the top.

Roller Clips

In the beauty space, innovation never stops. Just like the previous hack, this one also gives you instant volume. Combining the cylindrical shape of hair rollers and the functionality of clips in one simple hair tool, these roller clips allow you to add volume to the front sections of your hair without rolling long sections around a hair roller.

Simply clip them horizontally along the roots of vertical sections of hair and apply heat right at the roots.

Hot Rollers

What’s better than using a blow brush and heat rollers together? Using hot rollers. Hot rollers are essentially made of plastic but have a metal core on the inside. Unlike straighteners or curling irons, hot rollers do not use as much heat on the hair. Once you heat them up for about a minute, follow the same process of wrapping your hair around each roller and leave them in for about 10 minutes.

Hot rollers are a quick and fuss-free way to achieve that 90s blowout look.

Style Your Bangs


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Bangs are back and everyone wants them! But, they’re extremely difficult to style and can make or break a look. So, an easy way people have been styling their bangs is using hair rollers.

Heatless Curls

Leggings, t-shirts, bathrobe ties, socks, satin pillowcases–what is not being used to create heatless curls? I myself have delved into them and I must say, no matter what I use, the results are fantastic. What is not great, however, is how flat my bangs look after I’ve slept in the heatless curling rod.

So, to counter this problem, marrying the method of styling bangs with the heatless curling rods is the way to go.

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