Ever Wondered Why Your Hair Can’t Hold Curls? We’ve Made A Few Educated Guesses


If a genie could grant me three beauty wishes, I’d ask for flawless hair thrice. Because although years of practice has perfected my hand at curling my locks, all that effort comes undone the second I step out. So if you too can relate to leaving the house with voluminous curls only to come back home with limp strands, you need to read this. My investigation about the same has led me to believe that my curls kept falling because of the following few reasons-

Hair Health

Hair that has never been chemically treated is called ‘virgin hair’. It is believed to be the healthiest in this state as its cuticle layer lays flat and smooth and hair doesn’t hold styling for long. Virgin hair withstands and limits friction as opposed to chemically-treated locks which cause cuticle layers to lift. So what’s the alternative if one wants to stay away from permanent chemicals? Using a texture spray or dry shampoo from roots to ends will give your hair some body, making your curls last longer. But if you are looking to colour your hair, go for a balyange for its styling capabilities.

Hair Moisture


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If you hear a sizzle while treating your hair to heat tools, it’s too wet. Wet hair is fragile and can heat up to searing temperatures, causing your strands to burn and break. Moisture also starts un-bonding the hair which causes it to frizz up. So air dry or blast dry your hair before styling it. In addition to this, atmospheric moisture can act against your style. Opt for a tighter curl so that even if your curls open a little, they fall into a beachy wave. Additionally, you can also use products that offer humidity resistance like anti-frizz serums and hairsprays.

Hair Texture

Here’s an unusual fact, healthy and clean locks don’t behave the way you’d like them to when styled. Maybe that’s why second or third-day hair is considered ideal for styling. Clean hair just doesn’t have the grip needed to mould them to your liking. Again, adding volumising spray as a pre-styling product gives it grip and texture. You can also apply a lightweight mousse on wet hair or a stronghold spray to dry hair.

Hair Products

When you use too much product, it builds up on the scalp and weighs the hair down. So avoiding products with silicons and opting for scalp cleansing products can keep it light and bouncy. Another way to ensure this is to practice reverse hair washing. Conditioning your hair first primes and protect it from the stripping of natural oils. This method also avoids excess moisture retention in your locks, thus making it an ideal way to prep hair before styling. 

Hair Tools

Lastly, your curls might be falling flat simply because of the techniques or tools you use. In my opinion, flat iron curls last longer than curling wand curls because in the former, your strands are sandwiched from both ends. This ensures even heat distribution. Another tip that always works for me is to hold your curl in your hand or pin it up to cool completely. This will mould the hair into perfect curls, in turn increasing its lifespan.

However tempting it might be, brushing your fingers through freshly curled hair is not advisable. Opt for tighter curls that fall out over time into your desired style because when it comes to styled hair, delayed gratification is the way to go.

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