ELLE Predicts The Hairstyle Trends That Will Be Big In 2022

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Hairstyle trends come and go, but one thing remains constant – the feminine urge to put your mane gorgeous twists, top knots or add on twinkly accessories – there is always a look brewing that all hairstyling enthusiasts will try at least once. 2021 was all about curls achieved by using socks in your locks overnight (heatless sock curls) and crazier at-home DIYs. 2022 will have a more professional twist to hairstyles and people are increasingly moving towards embracing their natural hair and ditching their heat tools just like they ditched that toxic ex. Here’s our lowdown for the hairstyles that will rule 2022 –

1. Move Me With The Blow Dries


Beach waves get the boot, while blow-dries with glossy finishes take the prize for one of the most coveted hairstyles of 2022. ”Artfully undone” becomes a thing of the past, with gloss and glam becoming more popular as ”heatless styling” mechanisms that beauty fanatics seem to love take centre stage. Dyson AirWrap lovers rave about this hairstyle to give you that Blair Waldorf polish.

2. Braid Me Good


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Braids are cool, fabulous and they keep your hair away from your face. Not everyone with thin hair can carry them off, but with the right extensions and volumizers, the bad girl braided look could be round the corner for you. Now braids could mean a single French chic braid for an office party or boxy braids for a rager. It could also include cornrows if you want to try the extremes of the popular hairstyle trends.

3. Boss B


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The sleek high ponytail gives off major girl boss vibes, and TBH, that’s everything we’re manifesting for 2022. This fancy updo can be achieved using hairspray and a toothbrush to push back pesky baby hair making its way out.

4. Throw Some Accessories My Way, Would You?

This trend ruled towards the end of 2021 and is predicted to just get bigger in 2022. No matter which hairstyle you choose or what sort of hair texture you have, accessories can always play a major part in your look. From claw clips to scarves, to headbands, to XL clips as well – no matter the style and colour – accessories add much-needed chicness to your updo.

5. Tendrils Out Of Mean Girls Hairstyle Trends Textbook

Whether it’s Maddy in Euphoria or Zendaya regularly, tendrils are a textbook add-on to a ponytail (whether high or low), a bun, or even a half-up-half-down look. These tendrils have a way of framing your face, making you look good enough to star in a rom-com. They can be braided, gelled, wavy, curly, or straight – synonymous with the texture of most of your hair or a contrast.

6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


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Yep, you got it right. It’s the ’80s curl central. The ’80s was an age for big hair and bigger curls. Think Sarah Hyland and volume! These big wand curls can make their way into your hairstyling routine by way of extensions (if you need that extra oomph) and can give girls with thin curls a chance to live out their Whitney dreams.

7. Channelling Volume From The ’60s


Everyone loves a little extra volume. The gravity-defying bounce is synonymous with the practice of hot rollers in the ’60s, which can be created with a large ceramic brush and a blow dryer. With the right combination of a curling tool and mousse, you can get a glam-ready bounce to die for.

8. Slick It All The Way Back, Please!


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The damp hair look was a precursor to the heavily popular ”wet hair look”, and if you haven’t washed it the day you’re styling it – just spray on a little bit of water. Hair oil or serum could give you a beachy, natural look, but if you want a hard wet look, a styling gel or leave-in conditioner is probably your best bet. The trendsetting wet look could be your one-way ticket into the cool gang.

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