3 Celeb-Hairstylists Break Down Their Favourite Curly Hairstyle

Curly hairstyles (6)

A properly primmed and prepped curly hairstyle can do wonders for your ensemble. All that drama mixed with lovely texture is enough to turn your hairdo into an accessory. But with a lack of education around maintaining and styling curls, many stop at the humble low bun to keep the style looking clean. The alternative to this is that you stock up on curl-care and styling products, take thirty minutes extra to get decked up and walk out with a fabulous curly hairstyle. Here are three hairstylists breaking down their favourite looks so that you can get started on your own.

Celebrity Hairstylist & Category Expert Amit Thakur Breaks Down Taapsee Pannu’s Curly Summer Ready Top Knot

Curly Hairstyle Taapsee Pannu

For straight hair, start by curling it first. You will require a good foundation product, like the L’Oréal Constructor, which will make the curls last longer. Spray on damp hair and then use a dryer on medium heat to blast dry the hair. Brush the hair into clear sections, then using a half-inch conical curling wand, start curling the hair in small sections in alternate directions to get non-symmetrical natural curls. Then, using a hair spray, lock the curls in place. You can move your fingers through the hair to naturally separate it.

For curly hair, using an appropriate curl cream on damp hair would set the foundation right. If you have time, let the hair dry naturally. If not, use a diffuser dryer on medium heat to dry your hair. Once done, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Depending on how visible you want the knot to be, tie it as high or low as you like into a ponytail.

2. Pull out a few hair strands to frame the face to achieve a delicate and chic style.

3. Then twist the ponytail into a bun; this can be made as big or small and tight or loose as per the look you are planning to achieve.

4. Tug on a few strands in the bun for the curls to shine through.

5. You can curl the hair around your face using the same small tong.

6. Use a hair spray or a soft hold gel to hold the look together; use a tail comb for baby hair and flyaways.

7. Finish the look with a shine spray for a luxurious look.

Celebrity Hair And Makeup Artist Natasha Mathias Dsouza Breaks Down Sanya Malhotra’s Curly Fishtail braid

Curly Hairstyles Sanya Malhotra

To recreate this curly hairstyle, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Leaving a few face-framing wisps, gather all your hair around the nape of your neck and divide it into two equal sections. You will have a right and left section. 

2. Take a thin section of hair from the left side and pull it up and across the left section, and tuck it under the main right section; it is now a part of the right section.

3. Now take a thin section of hair from the right side and pull it up and across the right section and tuck it right under the left section.

4. Keep alternating sides until you almost reach the end of your hair and tie it with an elastic band.

5. You can also take a thin section of hair and wrap it around the elastic if you want to hide the band. Make sure to secure it with a bobby pin or an invisible U-pin.

6. Gently tug on the braid, section wise, from the bottom to the top to add volume.

7. Use a medium-hold hairspray evenly all over the hair. 

8. I like to finish this style with a shine spray- Schwarzkopf OSiS Sparkler Shine Spray.

Hairstylist and Entrepreneur Jamal Edmonds breaks down the Afro Faux Cut

Curly Hairstyles afro

To achieve this curly hairstyle, I first shampooed the hair with MIZANI’s Press Agent Shampoo and Conditioner and then towel-dried it. Post that, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on recreating the look:

1. After the hair is towel-dried, it is sectioned into four quadrants and then pulled into Bantu knots. Releasing a 1-inch section at a time, apply a dime-size portion of a leave-in cream, then layer with a lightweight and hydrating foaming mousse. Lock everything in with an oil-based styling gel. 

2. Using your fingers rank through the hair to create curl definition, encourage the curls by cradling with your fingers. Continue moving up the head from the nape until the entire head is complete. 

3. Starting in the back, use your diffuser to encourage and dry the curls until they are 100% dry. Apply a nourishing oil to finish and transition to night spray HRM and a brush and smooth the hair up into a Pineapple with a bungee cord. Use a restyler or refresher spray to redefine the curls if needed. 

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