Halloween Wars: 8 Of The Most Ostentatious And Kookiest Celebrity Looks Of All Time


Notorious for leaving our wardrobes in ruins and eliciting ick inducing reactions courtesy the sheer ostentation and bizarreness, Halloween is officially here. After dodging the the numerous ‘what are you dressing up as?’ questions thrown at you when you haven’t even the slightest idea, it’s highly probable that you end up doing what most mortals do. Google. *last minute halloween ideas* *easy to replicate celeb halloween costumes* Ah that one, our favourite.

From impersonating Princess Fiona to political hotshot Hillary Clinton and Lord Voldemort, a few celebrities have strenuously gone all out to create absolute magic on Halloween. Here’s taking a look at the kookiest looks of all time.

Nina Dobrev As The Intruder At The Chanel Show


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Fashion folks have this memorised like the alphabet. The Vampire Diaries alumna dressed up as Marie S’Infiltre, who infiltrated the Chanel lineup at their Paris Fashion Week outing back in 2019. A brilliant one, if you ask us.

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom As Bill & Hillary Clinton

Prosthetic makeup experts were working overtime here and how. Imitating the famed political couple from the states, the actor and singer knocked it out of the park with their rendition. Brownie points for the styling!

Kylie Jenner As Bride of Frankenstein

Paying homage to the 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein, Miss Jenner turned to acclaimed couturier Glenn Martens of Gaultier fame for recreating the same captivating allure of the vintage flick.

Katy Perry As A Flamin’ Hot Cheeto

We’re just going to leave this right here. This woman knows what she’s doing and Halloween as an occasion needn’t be the only proof. While this one was the spooky festival’s giving, her continual efforts to champion wacky fits even at the MET Gala anoints her as the queen of quirk.

Kim Kardashian As Mystique

The blue spandex bodysuit, the intricate decals and the slick hair – a brilliant showcase of artistry. Channelling the character Mystique from Marvel universe’s X-Men, it was imperative that we feature the billionaire because let’s face it, she never disappoints sartorially.

Heidi Klum As Princess Fiona

Heidi Klum’s Halloween looks have a separate fanbase owing to the lengths the supermodel goes to. Every single year. From Princess Fiona in Shrek to dressing up as a gigantic worm (god that was aesthetically awful but worthy of a standing ovation on creative grounds), she is easily the winner on this list.

Lil Nas As Voldemort

Potterheads rejoice. The bald head, the nose, the arched eyebrows – the entire look boasted of excellent planning and execution. A shoutout Lil Nas’ continual streak as well, the Montero singer’s appetite for the uncanny reflects well into work and brand image, tying the both together. His fans would agree.

Heidi Klum As An Old Lady

She’s back. And she’s better than ever. Look at the veins, the lifelike wrinkles, and the tan which has taken the form of discolouration – a common occurrence in aged white folks. Heidi looks unrecognisable and we’re still in disbelief.

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