Here’s How Surrealist Marketing Is Making Waves In Both Fashion And Beauty Spheres

surrealist marketing

Of late, our social media feeds have been replete with videos of outlandish imagery and technologically doctored videos, ones that warrant our attention. From a blob of toothpaste being squeezed up from the sky to ginormous replicas of handbags parading the streets of Paris, there’s a compelling new wave called surrealist marketing which has swept the sector.

It creates advertisements that leave an impression long after viewing them by fusing the force of contemporary advertising with the surrealistic components that are abstract. For starters, surrealism is the art of creating bizarre, disjointed, but somehow understandable things. It is most commonly defined by fantasy, metaphysical atmospheres, and surreal imagery. Jacquemus, Victoria Beckham, Isabel Marant, you name it, the biggest fashion names are all treading down this route.

Decoding Surrealism

surrealist marketing
Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas

The early 20th century saw the emergence of the surrealist art movement, which explores the illogical parts of human experience as well as the unconscious mind and dreams. By using irrational juxtapositions of imagery to construct a surreal story, surrealist artists strive to disobey conventional aesthetic standards and challenge logic and reason. You might be familiar with Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso as major surrealist figures.



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Global fashion powerhouse Jacquemus developed one of the best surrealism marketing efforts in recent months that has generated a lot of buzz, and had social media exploding. The company dispatched enormous replicas of its recognisable bags through the streets of Paris like buses. The stunt seemed uncannily real, thanks to the technology, a big reason why it worked so well for the company. At first sight, it appears as though these handbags were actually zipping through Paris, but upon closer examination, you understand that it is likely merely computer generated imagery.

Isabel Marant


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During fashion week in Paris, the French clothing brand Isabel Marant pulled off a stunt nicknamed ‘attack of the giant toothpaste’ in front of one of their stores. The stunt has you in the first half, and it’s only after a few seconds that you realise it can’t possibly be true, just like Jacquemus. In order to realise their vision and create a visual depiction of their brand principles, where ‘fluidity meets radicality,’ Marant collaborated with artist Yutaka Sone. Overall, it was a fairly effective marketing ploy that generated tons of TikTok views around the globe.

Fae Beauty

Indian brands are also catching up. PETA certified beauty brand Fae employed the surrealist marketing technique to launch their Lip Whip lipstick. Set against the backdrop of the Gateway of India, an abnormally large wand showcases the creamy formulation trickling down the monument, bound to grab the attention of any viewer. The engagement on the video clearly reiterates the relevance of incorporating this trend into mainstream marketing.

Onitsuka Tiger

Many of us are looking for escapism in the present climate and trying to discover the remarkable in the mundane. Surrealist marketing takes use of this by surprising and entertaining audiences at the same time. If organisations want to stand out on crowded social media platforms, they must use bold, dramatic, and unorthodox methods to digital media. Brands can stand out from the competition, produce memorable experiences, and forge deep emotional connections with their audience by utilising surrealist marketing.

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