Pick The Right Healing Crystal According To Your Zodiac

The concept of using crystals to heal has been around for years, but it has us interested again and it’s more than a trend. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Bella Hadid have popularised the practice of using crystals for healing. People who practice crystal healing believe that crystals allow us to welcome fresh energy into our lives, offering an internal connection that enhances our connection with the external world. Hence, more people are turning to this concept to clean the energies around them and invest them into healing oneself. So if you are looking to get new crystals getting one according to your zodiac sign is a good place to start.

Healing Crystals According to Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries – Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a high vibrational stone that can be used to cleanse other stones. The crystal is connected to the throat chakra and helps communicate the words you’re unable to say. It is believed to allow the user to see the universal truth around them more clearly, helping to calm their anger and feel more peaceful.

2. Tauras – Rose Quartz

Taurus enjoys everything beautiful, and rose quartz will be a great addition. Rose Quartz has loving vibration that is all about calmness and healing the turmoil inside your heart. For a Taurus, this can be forgiveness for others or themselves. The crystal is also tied to love and bringing more of it into your life. For the stubborn bulls, this crystal will help them genuinely get over whatever they are holding on to.

3. Gemini – Celestite

Celestite can help you communicate emotions more effectively. It works closely with the third eye chakra, known as Anja, which is connected to wisdom, understanding, and elevated levels of consciousness. Gemini can focus on fulfilling their emotional needs since, traditionally, they worry about other people’s feelings, which leads them to make emotional sacrifices and place themselves last on the self-care list.

4. Cancer – Moonstone

This astrological sign can get caught up in its own emotion. Moonstone can help balance out these extreme changes in their feelings. This crystal eases stress and helps in managing instability, therefore being the perfect crystal for Cancer. You can use moonstone to strengthen your intuitive gifts and natural psychic abilities by creating a sense of grounding.

5. Leo – Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal companion that keeps up with your spirited self and will also inspire your best qualities. This golden-brown stone is also linked with the sun and is believed to give confidence and self-empowerment. Ruled by the sun, Leos have fiery energy and a fearless approach to life. You can feel supported and connected to yourself to charge ahead on all of your aspirations through its energy.

6. Virgo – Red Jasper

Red Jasper helps soothe any overarching fears or concerns about your wellbeing by connecting to the root chakra. This stone is known for grounding yourself, and Virgo can make good use of it. Red Jasper will help any Virgo to let go by grounding their energy into the earth. These beautiful red rocks are often filled with inclusions of other stones. They have cascading lines and valleys that make a unique pattern.

7. Libra – Ametrine

Libras usually struggle with indecisiveness in their lives. Ametrine is the crystal to help solve the will-they-or-won’t-they situation for them. It is believed to bring clarity and balance to the user’s life. Ametrine itself is a blend of Amethyst and Citrine, which is proof that it brings balance to your life. If stuck in a specific situation, you can hold an Ametrine stone while meditating or wear it as jewellery for balance in life.

8. Scorpio – Labradorite

A scorpion values honesty and truthfulness. They strive to understand the depths of their nature and determine their place in the world, which is why labradorite is perfect for these characteristics and values. This crystal is connected to the crown and third eye chakras responsible for truth and wisdom. Labradorite is also a stone of transformation. Pluto rules Scorpio, a reminder that change can help you heal and let go of wrongdoings.

9. Sagittarius – Lepidolite

Like the archer, Sagittarians are swift and always on point for what feels true to them. You inspire others to live freely. Lepidolite is just the one you need for your expansive mind. It caters to your feel-good vibes, but it also paves the way for emotional healing by inspiring stability in your spontaneous nature. Feelings can be scary, but tapping into them can help bring light and optimism into the world. Keep some travel-sized Lepidolite to bring along on all your adventures.

10. Capricorn – Citrine

Capricorns are highly determined and ambitious, and don’t let anything come in their way when it comes to your goals. The only thing you are missing here is a citrine to promote abundance and prosperity. This stone is perfectly suited for the driven Capricorn to help achieve their goals. It also balances your perfectionist inclination by boosting confidence. It is believed that this stone activates the solar plexus, which enables to tap into the inner courage in all aspects of life while staying grounded.

11. Aquarius – Aquamarine

Creative and eccentric, there is no idea that is too far-fetched for Aquarians, especially when healing larger communities. Aquamarine will help bring visions into reality with clear priorities. Its glistening ocean-blue colour can inspire you to go with the flow and not get overwhelmed in your pursuits. When you heal yourself by balancing your mind, body, and spirit, you can put things into action and live your highest form of self-expression.

12. Pisces – Amethyst

Pisces are water signs; they can sometimes have emotional turmoil. This beautiful purple stone is a protective stone and wards off bad vibes to get rid of negativity inside yourself. Amethyst soothes the mind, body, and soul, making it a great companion. It can help you be less irritable and enraged quickly with calming vibrations. The crystal is believed to help people who have trouble sleeping and is a great stone to have by your bedside at night.

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