8 Zodiac And Constellation Inspired Necklaces You Need To Check Out RN


With the renaissance of personalised jewellery, there’s an increased interest in collecting pieces that connect on a deeper level rather than just focusing on the aesthetic appeal. Whether you believe in the influences of the celestial bodies or use the star sign card just to get away with bad decisions like texting your ex by blaming your impulsive Gemini nature, zodiac necklaces are a great way to wear a piece of your personality and bring out your uniqueness. Plus, they make the perfect gifts for your soul tribe! Here are 8 brands with zodiac jewellery collections that you need to check out rn!

1. Misho

Inspired by the form of the Drachma, a silver coin of ancient Greece, Misho’s 22k gold plated Zodiac medallion handcrafted in sterling silver promises to be a talisman of good luck.

Available at Misho

2. The Line


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The Line’s Astral necklaces come with a unique surprise— one side of the pendant has your birth constellation marked in diamonds and the other side has the zodiac symbol etched in relief on a bed of enamel. Extra points for the pearls!

Available at The Line 

3. Zariin

Minimal but impactful and dipped in 22k gold, Zariin’s link lariat necklace can be adjusted to be worn in three different ways. Did we mention they have zodiac candles too?

Available at Zariin 

4. So Fetch


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Two types of zodiac symbols combined in a half-an-half design? Now that’s so fetch!

Available at So Fetch 


Why stick to just admiring the diamonds in the sky when you can wear them as well with STAC Fine Jewellery’s zodiac constellation necklaces.

Available at STAC 

6. Ineze


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Elevate your plunging neckline with Ineze’s zodiac necklaces that feature an embossed symbol of your sign.

Available at Ineze

8. Amama


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Not a fan of taking the minimal route? Get your hands on Amama’s chunky zodiac necklaces to make a statement.

Available at Amama 

7. Joker & Witch

Not only does Joker & Witch have zodiac necklaces with stylised motifs but also pendants to represent your element. Stack em up!

Available at Joker & Witch

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