5 Heartwarming Animated Movies To Watch This Month

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There’s something so wholesome about watching animated movies. They uplift your mood, give you hope and teach you the best life lessons with their creative storytelling. And let’s not forget the stunning visuals which remain etched in your memory. Whether you want to watch it with your family or by yourself for some positivity, here are 5 new, feel-good animated movies to watch on OTT platforms this month.

1. Encanto

Love films that include magic? Then you’ll love Disney’s Encanto! The musical revolves around the Madrigal family headed by their Alma, who stay in an enchanted house (Casita) linked by a magical candle. Every family member is blessed with a magical power when they come of age, except for the protagonist Mirabel. However, she soon discovers that the family magic might be lost forever and she just may be the Madrigals last hope to save it!

Currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar 

2. Hotel Transylvania: Transformia 

The fourth instalment of the animated film seems like an entertaining watch. When Johnny becomes the subject of Van Helsing’s mysterious new invention, he turns into a monster. Drac and his pals too accidentally come in contact with it and transform into humans. “I have a total dad bod!” Drac exclaims in the trailer. Drac and his friends must find a way to switch themselves back to their original selves before their transformations become permanent!

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video on January 14

3. Angry Birds 2

Never watched the sequel of Angry Birds? Now you can as it comes to Netflix this month. The plot? Red, Chuck and Bomb face yet another hurdle when aggressive birds from an island covered in ice want to use a weapon to destroy the island of the birds and pigs. Red must unite with his past enemies aka the pigs to fight this common threat to restore peace to his and their home! Filled with adventure and funny moments, Angry Birds 2 gets you ROTFL for sure!

Streaming on Netflix on January 14

4.  Riverdance, The Animated Adventure

Having a hard day? This film is sure to cheer you up! An Irish boy, Keegan and a Spanish girl, Moya journey into the mythical world of the Megaloceros Giganteus and discover Riverdance as a celebration of life. The heartwarming mythical animation approaches grief in a positive manner. It follows the journey of the young lad, Keegan who’s trying to deal with his grandfather’s death. The film is beautiful to watch with your kids as it shows them how to navigate the loss of a loved one as well as honour their memory. 

Streaming on Netflix on January 14

5. The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild

TBH, out of all the Ice Age films, Dawn Of The Dinosaur was our favourite. And Buck was a great addition! After a 6-year gap in the popular franchise, Ice Age comes back this month but with a twist. It follows the story of Buck who is now the ringleader, willingly putting himself in death-defying adventures (read danger), which means he ends up needing to be rescued by his fellow Ice Age friends Manny, Ellie, Sid and Diego. We’re super excited to watch this one because we’ll be seeing all the characters on screen after so long!

Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on January 28

Did you know Encanto has a crazy fan theory around it? Read all about it here and other theories on various shows and movies.

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