Move Away From Red, Here Are Different Shades To Try For Holiday Makeup

Holiday Makeup

If we asked you what was the one colour that automatically screamed, ‘It’s time to party!’, the unanimous response would be a bold red. Standing true for makeup, red lips have been the ultimate holiday makeup staple for as long as we remember. Classy, timeless and striking— red lips are all you need to catch the spotlight. While red lips are a fail-proof option, why limit yourself?

When it comes to lipsticks, there are probably more shades out there than stars in the sky. Inching towards shades that are way out of your comfort zone is never a bad idea! From intense burgundy to chocolate brown and a popping pink, there are a plethora of stunning shades you can reach out for this holiday season.

Lip shades for Holiday Makeup

Brick Tones


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Hear us out, we know brick-toned lip shades are seemingly neutral when you compare them to the others on this list, but it’s the epitome of versatility. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sporting glazed or glitter makeup or a no-makeup makeup look, brick lips always stand out.

Purple Dreams


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At a first glance, purple can seem unnerving owing to the fact that it’s unusual. However, they also hold the reigns to make you look like a boss who means business! Purple lipstick should be your numero uno if you’re looking to make a statement.

Diffused Berries

Diffused lips are a favourite in the Korean beauty world, and they’re slowly finding popularity globally. An intense berry hue works like a charm when you struggle to decide between a classic red or bold maroon. Pair it with shimmery eyes to sport a look that can kill!

Glossy Corals


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Vivid and muted at the same time, that’s a coral lip for you. Not everyone’s keen on bold lips, that’s where this shade comes in. Coral hues can be paired with warm eye makeup for a monochromatic makeup look. A dash of lip gloss adds the right amount of glam.

Pretty In Pink

With Barbiecore dominating every trend and aesthetic in 2022, bright pink lips work well for holiday makeup as well. While most of us hesitate to wear bright pink lips, it looks rather flattering on Indian skin tones.

Buzzin’ Brown

Brown lips make for a quintessential winter buddy, and they happen to be having a moment lately, all thanks to the resurgence of the 90’s supermodel era. A deep brown lip is versatile and compliments every skin tone and outfit.

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