Pre Shampoo Rituals Could Do Wonders For Your Hair And Scalp


While in India, champi or hair oiling has been an integral part of traditional hair care, the world is only now catching on to this and other pre-wash treatments to nourish the hair and scalp. We delve into what these ‘pre-poo’ treatments can do for the health of your hair.

What Is Pre-Poo?

As the name suggests, ‘pre-poo’, which is short for pre-shampoo, is a hair treatment that comes before you actually shampoo and wash the hair. These could be in the form of oils, hair masks, scalp scrubs, rich butters, etc. and can help address different hair & scalp issues such as damage care, detangling the hair, purifying and clarifying the scalp and roots, frizz control, dandruff control, dry scalp, colour-treated hair or simply to better nourish the hair roots, lengths and scalp.

Take a look at some pre-poo products you can get your hands on depending on your hair needs:

1. Kérastase Chronologiste Pré-Cleanse Régénérant

A revitalising purifying pre-shampoo, this helps to deeply cleanse the scalp and roots and removes up to 96% more pollution particles than a regular shampoo, while the hyaluronic acid present in it helps hydrate and moisturise. With a thick, luxurious black gel texture and the signature Chronologiste scent of tea rose, light woods and musk, the Pré-Cleanse Régénérant is a sensorial experience.

2. BBlunt Preepoo for Curly Hair


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Stop struggling with detangling your curly hair. Packed with the hydrating and soothing benefits of coconut water and aloe vera, this pre-poo moisturises and detangles your curls to minimise breakage and combat frizz. It is also enriched with UV protection and tackles hair damage from pollution, hard water and heat styling. It is also sulphate & paraben free and suits all Indian hair types & textures. Before cleansing, apply a generous amount to dry hair and distribute evenly. Use fingers or comb to detangle, and then rinse thoroughly. For very dry or tangled hair leave it on for 15-30 minutes before rinsing.

3. Love Beauty & Planet Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang Hair & Scalp Oil

If you love to nourish your scalp and hair with coconut oil, you’ll most certainly enjoy this one. Here cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from Karnataka is blended with hydrating aloe vera from Rajasthan for intense repair, and it is lightly scented with ylang ylang oil from The Comoros Islands for a refreshing, tropical fragrance! It comes in an easy pump bottle which allows you to pump the oil onto your hands or directly onto sections of the scalp too. Take a generous amount of oil and massage into scalp & hair, keep it on for 30 minutes and then wash with shampoo. You’ll be happy to know, all the bottles used by this brand are made up of 100% recycled plastic waste and are completely recyclable.

4. Davines OI Hair Butter


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The OI hair butter is an anti-frizz and nourishing hair butter, which is an antioxidant rich butter with a lovely scent. Its anti-frizz disciplinary action gives softness and luminosity to the hair, while deeply nourishing and moisturising it. The luscious butter makes the hair full-bodied and voluminous. Work the product on the palm of the hand before application, and then apply to dry or damp hair, and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and following it up with a shampoo.

5. Secret Haircare Sattva Hair Mask

Handmade and specially formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients such as true indigo (neela amari), bhringraj, liquorice, gooseberry (amla), hibiscus, neem, curry leaves and jatamansi, this hair mask comes in powder form. Mix it with a few drops of water to create a paste that helps strengthen hair from the roots, promotes hair growth and maintains the overall scalp health. The Sattva hair mask also strengthens the hair roots and promotes hair growth.

6. Kimirica Organic Moroccan Argan Oil


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Love oiling your hair? Then try the much-loved argan oil. It’s no secret that argan oil has become a hit ingredient when it comes to haircare. Obtained from the seeds of the Argania Spinosa tree, also known as the ‘healing tree’, this Moroccan argan oil works as a superfood for your hair and skin even! It strengthens and repairs hair and follicles and provides a natural sheen. The argan oil also works to repair split ends and prevent hair loss. It works well as a pre-poo ritual, and can also be applied on dry or wet hair to add shine and tame flyaways and frizz.

7. Forest Essentials Intensive Hair Repair Masque Japapatti & Brahmi


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This effective Ayurvedic preparation protects, repairs and nourishes hair from deep within. It contains banana pulp, with japapatti and brahmi infusions that help repair frizzy, damaged hair. Free from chemicals and parabens, its ingredients are enriched with potassium, natural oils and vitamins that are essential to repair and hydrate hair and leave it lush and lustrous. The rich creamy pre-shampoo masque can be applied once a week and needs to be left on for a minimum of 30 minutes before cleansing and conditioning the hair.

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