Hilton Goa Resort Pays Homage To The ‘Poder Culture’ with Poder Chronicles


As a Bombay kid (Mumbai still doesn’t roll off our tongues easily) with roots in Goa, bread or ‘paav’ as we call it, is more than just comfort food—it is a form of childhood nostalgia. No amount of fancy sourdoughs and focaccia can replace the aroma of fresh paav delivered to your doorstep every morning and night. While the culture has almost disappeared in the cities, Goa has managed to retain it (almost). I remember moving there for a brief period and being pleasantly surprised when every evening a poder (break maker) would drop off some freshly made bread on his bicycle and the sound of his horn became a welcoming reminder to wind down for our evening tea sessions.

Bread, like sea food, is an integral part of the Goan food culture, but the authentic craft of bread making has been diminishing over the years because of modern technology.  Adding to the problems, the bread-making community a.k.a ‘Poders’, a word derived from padeiro, meaning baker in Portuguese faced many hurdles during the pandemic—resulting in local bakeries shutting down.

This was when ‘The Poder Chronicles’, a thoughtful initiative by Chef, writer and Goan local Nolan Mascarenhas came into existence. The idea was to bring the local Goan bread and its many renditions into the limelight. The monetary profits and visibility culminated through this event have been invested in supporting, empowering and reviving the Poder community.

Hilton Goa Resort in Candolim hosted the 3rd edition of ‘The Poder Chronicles’ at the hotel, in collaboration with Mr Mascarenhas. Alongside the talented team at Hilton Goa Resort, Mr Mascarenha created a unique menu integrating the regional cuisine into the bread. The menu comprised lip-smacking options like The Maka Kullyo Zai, The Maas-ka-Pao, The Buff Tart and Pork-a-que. An interesting array of bread infused with a variety of meats, with vegan alternatives was just a cherry on top. Each bread was inspired by a local Goan dish and was converted into a fine-dining assortment for the evening. Imagine crab meat rolled into bread covered with edible charcoal lining—it looks like sushi but will take you straight back to a flavourful Goan shack. Also, the one that specifically stood out for me was a variation of the ‘Bun’ a banana poori relished as a breakfast dish in Goa. The ‘Bun’ was transformed into a sweet doughnut-like structure, centre-filled with chocolate and a spicy surprise at the bottom to finish it off—absolute pièce de résistance *chefs kiss*.


While the event and the thought behind it were intriguing enough, it’s Hilton Goa Resort’s hospitality that made the weekend even more relaxing. Situated atop the scenic, terraced slopes of Saipem Hills, overlooking the Nerul River, surrounded by coastal plains and cascading hills, the resort is a hidden gem. Whether you are looking for quality time with your family, a staycation with your friends, or a romantic getaway the Hilton Goa Resort will not disappoint. A hop and skip away from the beach and the night market, the property will allow you to have a quaint stay after enjoying the bustling lifestyle outside.


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- Junior Digital Editor


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