Honey Blonde Is About To Take Over 2024 As The Colour Of The Year

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2023 was the year of hair colour trends. Cherry cola red and chocolate silk had their big moment during the year with everybody taking their Pinterest boards to the salon and getting their version. However, 2024 will see the rise of a colour that’s nowhere close to the sultry red and rich brown. We’re forecasting honey blonde to be the IT colour of the upcoming year. A warm, cosy toned colour that dethrones the ashy blonde, honey blonde is a low-maintenance alternative which suits everyone.


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Queen Riri stepped out with her honey blonde locks that almost broke the Internet and JLo has been carrying the baton for honey blonde for years now. So it’s safe to say that this shade of blonde has the celebrity approval it needs to be the colour of the season. However, honey blonde isn’t a new colour, celebrities like Blake Lively, Rosie-Huntington Whiteley and Kate Hudson have sported blonde locks long before they became a trend.

Usually rocking a head full of blonde hair comes with a lot of responsibilities and maintenance. But honey blonde with its multiple variants, ensures that you don’t have to worry excessively about the care aspect. Here are a few ways in which you can sport this effortless colour in 2024.

Lowlights Supreme


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It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has been partial to her honey-blonde locks for years now. Known for her voluminous waves, she’s opted for a version of honey blonde that isn’t too jarring and one that adds dimension to flat hair with its darker undertones. If you’re looking for a colour that’s subtle and adds depth, this is the one to go for.

Buttery Honey


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Take a cue from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley if you’re looking for a stronger blonde that panders towards the neutral side. Sometimes, warmer or cooler undertones of blonde don’t seem to do the job and that’s where the neutrals come in. Buttery honey blonde is a colour which is lighter than the usual honey blonde, making it the perfect shade to go over highlights.

Honey Bronde

We know Hailey Bieber is a skincare girlie, but we love taking some hair colour inspiration from her from time to time. She seems to love her honey bronde, something we can’t get enough of too. With a blonde ombre that melts into a honey brown, this version of the honey blonde is probably the most low-maintenance out of them all. Since the blonde is only at the ends of the hair, your roots won’t have to deal with as much damage.

Seamless Honey


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Even though our very own Duchess of Bridgerton always prefers being a redhead, I prefer blond hair on her more. This version of honey blonde panders towards the blonder side, so if you’re looking to jump straight into the blonde game, this is your best bet. With strategic positioning of the darker blonde and brown hues, one can ensure that the blonde isn’t washing out your complexion.

Whether you enjoy keeping it minimal with lowlights, love going all out with global hair colour or prefer the best of both worlds with an ombré—honey blonde ticks off all of those boxes. However, since blonde hues tend to show up on different skin tones differently, it’s best to consult with your hair colourist on what level of honey blonde will work well for you. As low maintenance as this version of blonde may be, it still requires a level of maintenance. Incorporate purple or black shampoos which deposit pigments into the hair and prevent it from turning brassy. Moisture masks once or twice a week will help your hair regain lost moisture. Now, it’s time to book that salon appointment.

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