I Didn’t Wash My Hair For A Week And This Is What Happened

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You know the days following a really good blow-out where you postpone washing your hair to hold on to every last bit of sleek, shiny goodness?….No? Just me? As much as my colleagues despised the idea (and held their noses around me, weirdos), turns out by not washing my hair I unknowingly participated in a popular TikTok trend known as ‘hair reset’. This detox process involves skipping your haircare routine including washing the hair or using any hair products for a full seven days. The idea behind it is to help your scalp generate nourishing natural oils that would otherwise generally be stripped off by frequent hair washing. We’ve heard of skin fasting which involves taking a break from your skincare routine to give your skin time to breathe, rest, and reset. The scalp is basically an extension of the face, right? Seemed like a good enough excuse for me to get away with forgoing my haircare routine for an entire week.

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If I had to describe my natural air-dried hair in a nutshell I would say tell you to picture Hermione Granger’s volume mixed with Hagrid’s frizz. Since my scalp is basically the Sahara desert, it didn’t really get too oily too quick— the first few days of the challenge were a breeze. As the week progressed, my hair also seemed a lot more tamer. Tbh, at this rate, I thought I could easily pull off one more week, that is until I took an expert opinion. “I won’t recommend not washing your hair because I believe every scalp skin is different to the climatic conditions & individual’s job profile. There are high chances of scalp skin getting clogged, oily or flaky, especially with an increase in the level of pollution,” says Dr Debeshi Bhattacharjee, the Head and Founder of Lueur Aesthetics. “This can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria & fungus leading to infections and hair fall,” adds Dr Nishita Ranka Bagmar, Medical Director & Founder of Dr Nishita’a Clinic for Skin, Hair & Aesthetics.

How Often Should One Actually Wash Their Hair?

“It depends on the type of scalp & climatic conditions one is living in, as we need to adapt to the surroundings. So, for an oily-humid climate, it’s advisable to wash hair on alternate days. For dry scalp, twice a week. If someone is going to the gym and has an oily scalp, I would advise them to wash it every day, but with a gentle shampoo.” shares Dr Debeshi.

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What’s The Right Way To Wash Your Hair?

“The right way for every individual might vary according to their scalp & hair type. Wet your hair thoroughly before jumping straight to applying the shampoo. Remember to pick the right shampoo for your hair type & scalp. Go easy on your scalp, don’t rub vigorously. Rinse thoroughly and always apply conditioner.” explains Dr Debeshi.

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How To Get Healthier Hair?

“Improve your lifestyle. Eat healthy, a diet with loads of green leafy vegetables, fruits, soups, salads, nuts and adequate protein. Try and get good quality sleep for an average of 6-8 hours/day. Manage stress— a stressful lifestyle will certainly have an evident effect on your skin & hair. ” says Dr Nishita.


In Conclusion

While I imagined this hair detox to leave me with softer, healthier hair by the end of the week, my tresses returned to their original Hagrid state as soon as I washed them. I wouldn’t say that the ‘hair reset’ trend worked for me but it’s a harmless challenge to partake in if you want to test the limits of your scalp (and evoke looks of disgust from everyone around you).

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