To Save Some Money, I Got ChatGPT To Do My Colour Analysis… This Is What It Said

From the beginning, I have always been told “All colours look good on you” and mostly they do. But I’ve always veered towards the darker hues and so I instinctively always believed I was a Winter. After watching multiple people go to Korea and get their colour analysis done on Instagram, I was intrigued. Sure I loved my darker shades, but was that my colour palette? Was I Winter or Fall? Instead of booking a flight to Korea, I decided to let ChatGPT take the wheel. 

So, I dove into the world of online colour analysis and let me tell you, it was a trip. 

First, I clicked a selfie in ample natural light. Then went in to edit my picture, and used the dropper tool to pick out the codes for my skin, hair and eye colour. 

Next step, prompt ChatGPT and wait. Here’s what I asked. 

“Hello my skin tone is DFC8B5. My eyes are 4B4137 and my hair is E2E3E0, 1F1A18 & 917D77. Which skin tone colour palette am I? In terms of spring, winter, summer, fall?”

Seriously? I always thought I was a Winter, but clearly Summer it is. GOD, I hate the heat, I don’t even understand this analysis. But let’s have faith. While ChatGPT did say I could be a Summer or a Winter (wow, way to narrow it down), because I don’t tan easily and turn rosy/red, Summer is where I lie. This wasn’t enough, so I went a step further to find out if I would have to redo my entire wardrobe!

I asked: “Which colours would suit me best and which colours should I avoid?”

Well, that does narrow it down a bit, I do love jewel tones and light pastels, so I think my wardrobe wouldn’t require a complete overhaul. Did we stop there? NO! I am a beauty gal, and I needed makeup information!

I asked: “Which lipstick and blush colours should I use and which ones should I avoid?”

Then I asked: “What eye-makeup should I opt for? And is there something I should avoid?” 

Did it work? Well, let’s just say there were some hits and some misses, but I discovered a whole lot along the way. 

So, if you’re tired of playing colour roulette every time you get dressed, maybe it’s time to let ChatGPT do an analysis. 

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