Iconic Bollywood Outfits That Had Everyone Running To Their Tailors For A Knockoff

Iconic Bollywood Outfits

Fashion weeks outside India set forth the agenda of what’s considered trending and what’s not. But here, it’s a different ballgame altogether. Us desis derive our fashion mood boards from what our beloved celebs do. Priyanka Chopra wore an all-red lehenga for her wedding. Noted. *Rushes to look for its cheapest knockoff in Chandni Chowk asap.*

Our dalliance with Bollywood is by no means short-lived. The relationship spans decades all thanks to icons like Madhuri Dixit, Sushmita Sen, and Raveena Tandon. So, keep scrolling and take a look at the most memorable Bollywood outfits from movies that gave tailors a heck of a lot of extra work and big mass production brands something to capitalize on.

1. Deepika Padukone’s Blue Sari In Badtameez Dil

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Imagine it’s the year 2014-15. You’re still recovering from the YJHD hangover. All thanks to an impulse buy, you’re ready for your high school farewell in the same blue saree responsible for giving Naina her party girl rep. You enter the school premises gasping for air with plenty of missteps as it’s probably the first time you’ve worn a sari. Et voilà! Even as you step in gingerly, you spot a swarm of ladies parading the school grounds in the exact same piece. Euphoric or catty, the reaction among these hormonal teenagers may have had the range of Zendaya through Disney and now, HBO. But nonetheless, it was quite the ‘it girl’ symbol back in the day when pouting with a victory sign in flower crown selfies was still a thing. A Bollywood outfit that continues to be a staple at sangeets till this day. Oh, and a simple search will lead you to blue sarees that could work as potential replacements.

2. Madhuri Dixit’s Purple & Green Wedding Ensembles

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While my devar may not be as deewana as Mr Prem, I have to admit, I sometimes sneak in and watch Hum Aapke Hai Koun whenever it’s airing on TV, as my mom harbours a sweet spot for the same. I remember her mentioning how the purple silk saree worn by Madhuri at the godh-bharai was a staple at weddings in the 90s. The tailors were bombarded with requests to stitch the blouses with the same inverted triangular cut-out pattern at the back along with the ornate embellishment at the same spots. And then, responsible for stealing the spotlight was the green and silver lehenga. The full sleeve and the solid coloured choli were definitely ahead of their time and unsurprisingly, replicated in large quantities.

3. Raveena Tandon In Tip Tip Barsa Paani

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While our generation may have zero clue about the movie this song featured in (it’s called Mohra btw), this absolute banger is one for the history books. I mean, come on. A woman draped in a yellow chiffon sari who also happens to be Raveena Tandon, who also happens to be an excellent dancer – it was a sure shot recipe for a hit. And let’s not forget the rain flirting her locks seductively. Bollywood is set in its ways (titillating ways, if I may) and well, that works. On the $$$ grounds, for sure.

4. Aishwariya Rai In Dhoom 2

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I can bet all of my life’s savings on the fact that there’s always going to be at least be one girl wearing a knockoff of this exact outfit at a Halloween party in either Mumbai or Delhi. And rightfully so, because Aish was styled by none other than Anaita Shroff Adajania, who never disappoints. This biker-chick meets beach-bum set was g.i.v.i.n.g. and so were all of her other outfits. Even though a bit on the OTT spectrum, the style notepads were scribbled on, quick sketches were made, fabrics were sourced and styling ideas were thought of by all of us fashionistas.

5. Sushmita Sen In Mai Hoon Na

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#justice for my chemistry class because we never had a teacher with such dedication for our well-being. Or whatever that means. Meet Chandni Chopra, the chemistry teacher extraordinaire, the ultimate sari slayer and obviously, the love interest of our beloved SRK. Her slick hair, subtle and muted makeup and the diaphanous chiffon sarees with halter blouses spawned multiple micro-trends in the 2000s that (in my opinion) still run strong today and went on the become on of the most iconic Bollywood outfits.

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