‘I’m Cold’ Makeup Is Winter 2022’s Biggest Beauty Trend

I'm cold

So long sunny skies! Glistening snow and freezing temperatures have taken over the world of social media with the ‘I’m cold’ makeup trend going viral. Mimicking the Rudolph-red nose and flushed cheeks of a day out in the chilly weather, the seasonal trend beckons you to get that lit-from-within glow with strategic blush placements, gradient lips and icy lids. Here’s how you can achieve the look along with 4 other winter makeup trends you must try this season:

1. I’m Cold

It’s all about the blush! Don’t hold back as you sweep some rosy pink glow on your cheeks, nose and chin. You can create the shape of a ‘W’, blending upwards on your cheekbones and along the bridge of your nose. Opt for a matte foundation and don’t forget to finish off with some frosty eyeshadow, gradient-stained lips and highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and on the tip of your nose.

2. Movie Lips


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Offering a soft, my-lips-but-better finish— movie lips are all about achieving that natural, just-kissed look. Recreate it by using a satin finish lipstick for a velvety feel that’s somewhere between matte and glossy and gently dab the product over your lips. You can choose to apply a small amount of pigment to the centre of both lips and use the warmth of your finger to pat the lipstick and create a diffused effect.

3. Glitter Cut Crease

What’s the party season without some glitter? But this season we’re thinking more snow-angel than disco. Case in point: Glitter cut crease. The trend offers a more toned-down yet ethereal approach to glitter lids by pairing matte eyeshadows and liners with a sweep of strategically placed glitter along the crease of your eye and some on your waterline.

4. Wine Stained Lips

If the soft girl vibe of the ‘I’m cold’ makeup trend isn’t your jam, take the darker route by opting for some burgundy lips and siren eyes that are all Hailey Bieber-approved. There’s nothing better than a bold statement lip to stand out at a Christmas party.

5. Rhinestone Eyes


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Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s Bejeweled era and make the whole room shimmer with embellished lids. Keep the skin fresh and dewy and opt for glitter eyeliners, stick on pearls and crystals to enhance your eyes. Holiday parties aside, they’re great to wear for all the upcoming music festivals!

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