6 Indian Streetwear Labels With Androgyny At Their Core


Dissecting streetwear comes bearing dissent and dubiety galore. In the times of blurry definitions & an ever-evolving socio-political time, we ought to acknowledge its impact on history. So, how & where did the term ‘streetwear’ originate? The buzzword gained momentum during the 90s in the west, with the rise of hip-hop, graffiti, sports fanaticism, skateboarding and the likes. Sneakerheads, as we call them, are a proud patron of the streetwear community & are ruling the high-fashion scene.

Now, we have multiple Indian streetwear brands furthering hype culture with their designs that are not only culturally relevant but also androgynous in their making. With inclusive models, liberal philosophies & gender bending constructions, they’re spearheading the new wave which is certainly here to stay.

Let’s have a look:

Almost Gods


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A casual glance at the ‘About Us’ page on their website led to a thought provoking contemplation within me. It said: driven by the idea of duality and abstraction of accepted structures and cultural norms. A blend between religion and technology, the brand’s ethos translates into their clothes as seen on their prints & silhouettes.

Pictured here is Dhruv Khurana, creative director of Almost Gods in their much loved Billboard Polo shirt.



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The decade old homegrown brand is loved and celebrated throughout our industry. Aiming to inspire conversation & ignite thought, their clothes are a cross between comfort and conscientious experimentation, balancing both the scales well – that of wearability & singularity.



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Jaywalking is a brand that I’d say has a big personality, much like Jay Jajal himself, who’s the founder of the label. Their Instagram account is bangin’ in true Jajal lingo and their clothes do the talking themselves. With graphic printed shirts to mono-hued coords & oversized sweatshirts, there’s no way you’re returning empty handed from their store.

Dhruv Kapoor


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Dhruv Kapoor’s equally suave & tasteful design ethos reflects in his work. Fresh from his debut at Milan Fashion Week’s Menswear, the sky’s the limit for his namesake label. Here, Ranveer Singh (the streetwear king, if I may) features in a Dhruv Kapoor creation, styled by celebrity stylist Eka Lakhani.

Kanika Goyal Label


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Kanika Goyal’s youthful label draws inspiration from the current cultural zeitgeist and is a proponent of the ‘neo luxury’ mandate. Provocative yet playful on the visual front, their collections are a dream for us ‘oversized fits only’ folks. Pictured here is their Bullet Skein’ denim puffer jacket paired with the Crescent Cut two-tone denim pants.



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The Delhi based brand is a young gun that ascribes to an ‘achievable but edgy’ philosophy. With prints at the core of their practice, they also develop & design them in-house, from scratch. This printed shirt is made of made of hand spun and handwoven silk and seems like the perfect addition if androgynous clothing is your forte. And if it’s not (yet), do us a favour and go give it a try.

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