Ishan Kishan’s Sense Of Style Has Everyone Bowled Over This Cricket Season

Ishan Kishan

I’m a big cricket fan and I absolutely cannot wait to see CSK smash it again this year (sorry MI fans). But then arises my conflict of interest where I relentlessly, unabashedly and unrequitedly crush on Ishan Kishan (and also the other half of our Indian cricket team). What can I say? The team boasts of such good looking lads with a pristine sense of style, and that’s what I call home by default, so…

But what particularly catches my attention on the sartorial grounds is Ishan Kishan’s on-trend wardrobe, boasting of varied styles laden with ample drip and blessings from those who sit the at apex of the pyramid. He’s never not dressed to impress, so why gatekeep? Here are his best style moments from the recent past, so you and your homeboys can bookmark some styles to recreate:

Multicolour Musings

Ishan Kishan

Pearl necklaces and silk shirts – easy markers of a fashionably sound man. Out of the cricketing lot, Ishan Kishan smoothly manages to emerge as the Pinterest boy of your dreams with his well-manicured fits and exciting streetwear drip. Loving the graphic detailing on this one!

Prim And Proper

Ishan Kishan opted for a simple yet elegant Mrunalini Rao piece with fine paisley embroidery for a festive function. The pastel colours on the royal blue base blend seamlessly, subtly nudging all of us to give this combination a shot.

Fire Fit

We love a nicely done neutral pairing. With suave sunglasses and a lustrous Dior shirt filing a strong petition in favour of subtle logomania, this casual fit is easy to recreate and gives insight into Ishan Kishan’s penchant for acing relatively loud styles, tastefully.

Black Excellence

Here’s a classic, black kurta – no rocket science or deeper meaning to decode the look. He’s having fun off the field, and this laid-back desi ensemble is just the right look for a relaxed night, away from the madness. I can see all desi boys bopping their heads in unison.

LV Lad

Okay, we get it. Kishan sure loves his LVs and Diors. We love a label conscious king, especially the ones detached from the mainstream fashion scene. He’s clearly outgoing and fun to be around, explains his love for maximalism and bold prints.

Pearly Whites

Two things about an Abu Jani creation – there will be tasteful mirror-work, and it will complement every single soul who decides to take the Abu-Sandeep plunge. There’s this magic to their pieces, a fail-proof delivery rate, if I may.

Retro Resurgence

For Radhika and Anant’s pre-wedding festivities (still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it wasn’t the real, final wedding), Ishan Kishan donned a suave 007 ‘esque retro tuxedo by the Indian Tailoring Company. The chunky silver chain and turtle-neck add ample personality and make this, one of this strongest sartorial outings, in my humble opinion.

Desi Dare

Nothing like an exquisitely embroidered bandhagala for the wedding season. The Mumbai Indians’ wicket-keeper embraced the champagne tide with this ornate Mishru number, making a solid case for soft design sensibilities in masculine silhouettes.

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