ELLE Exclusive: K-Pop Group EVNNE Shares The Creative Process Behind Their New Album ‘RIDE or DIE’

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It’s raining comebacks in the K-pop world at the moment; everyone is dropping piping-hot music for the fans. From soloists to groups, we are seated to witness them take over our playlist. One of them is EVNNE, who just dropped their album a couple of days ago. EVNNE is back with their third mini-album, RIDE or DIE, after a break of five months. For those who are new to this group, EVNNE (이븐EVENing’s Newest Etoiles) is a 7-member South Korean boy band formed by Jellyfish Entertainment.

赖冠霖 — EVNNE - 'Trouble' M/V Teaser #2

The K-pop group consists of Keita, Park Hanbin, Lee Jeonghyeon, Yoo Seungeon, Ji Yunseo, Mun Junghyun, and Park Jihoo. The group started as a project consisting of members who had previously participated in the popular South Korean music show Boys Planet. The septet made their debut on September 19, 2023, with their first mini album, Target: ME.

Since their debut, EVNNE has focused on telling their group story of being industry outcasts who are trying to overcome their struggles despite the obstacles they had to face in order to make space in this highly competitive field. The new drop, RIDE or DIE, shares a hustling side of their persona and talent. ELLE sat with the group to dive deeper into the new album.

ELLE: Can you elaborate on the concept behind RIDE or DIE? How would you describe the general mood and vibe of it?

EVNNE: In the previous album, we showed our members’ mischievous and powerful concept and atmosphere, but in this mini album, RIDE or DIE, we are showcasing a more refreshing side. As the album title suggests, it would be nice if you could look forward to seeing our members boldly moving towards our goals such as love, friendship, and dreams through the theme of ‘we’ll be together until the end’!

ELLE: How was the whole creative process while making the new album?

EVNNE: We’ve always jumped at the chance to participate in the creative process whenever opportunities come since our debut album. Typically, once the overall theme of the album is finalised, we discuss with the company staff which songs would fit well within that theme, and we actively participate in composing and writing lyrics to make a clear message that aligns with the album concept. However, this time around, it actually started differently, as the lyrics of the title track reminded us of the overall theme of the album, Ride or Die. It led us to approach the process in a slightly different manner.

ELLE: Which is your favourite track from the album, and which one do you think fans will love the most?

KEITA: I like I <3 U the most because I can just imagine our members running around with excitement and being free on stage whenever I listen to the track!

PARK HANBIN: I also want to choose I <3 U because it fits well with the refreshing concept of this album, and it also expresses our bright and cute side in a different way from Badder Love.

Mun Jung Hyun: I like XO the best, especially the part in the chorus where Keita and I harmonise.

PARK JIHOO: From the track I <3 U, I like the message of ‘It’s not the W-A-S-D on the keyboard that moves me, but the L-O-V-E towards you’ the most because I think it’s so unique and witty.

YOO SEUNGEON: I think fans will like Badder Love a lot. It is relatively fun to listen to compared to our previous title tracks, which are rather powerful, and our members seem to have captured the refreshing atmosphere very well. I think it is a perfect song for our fans to play while going somewhere or driving this summer, so hopefully, many fans will listen to it.

ELLE: How much has your life changed since making your debut on Boys Planet?

EVNNE: By appearing on Boys Planet, we debuted as the group EVNNE, and through our activities as EVNNE, we gained ENNVE (fandom name), which is a precious gift. We’ve worked hard for our fans, and thanks to them, we’ve achieved first place on music shows, held solo concerts, and had the opportunity to meet fans living in various places around the world. We always cherish these experiences with gratitude. Especially this summer, we are very excited to meet fans who have supported us since the Boys Planet days in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and various other countries through our America tour!

ELLE: Who were your musical icons while growing up?

PARK HANBIN: The artist whose music I have listened to a lot since I was young and whose performances I have looked at a lot is SHINee. Like Taemin, I want to have the energy to fill the stage by myself, and watching SHINee’s performances inspired me to work harder to become a better artist.

LEE JEONGHYEON: Since I was young, I have loved Dean’s tone, vocals, and mood, and I still listen to his music a lot.

JI YUNSEO: There are many artists I look up to, but I especially grew up listening to a lot of music by G-Dragon and ZICO.

ELLE: Which song has the most difficult choreography or vocal challenges to master out of all the ones you’ve already released or the upcoming ones?

KEITA: Vocally, Badder Love was the most difficult due to its wide vocal range.

PARK HANBIN: Personally, I think the title song of the last album, UGLY, was very difficult because the choreography was difficult and the song itself was so intense. So, we had to push ourselves to truly bring the vibe of the song to life.

YOO SEUNGEON: I think the title songs of the previous albums were the most difficult. They were under a concept that we had never tried before, and the group choreography and beat were all split up, so it wasn’t easy to put everything together. Since there were high-pitched parts, we paid more attention to preparing for stable live performances. On the other hand, they provided an opportunity for us to grow even more as artists by providing new challenges!

MUN JUNGHYUN: I was given a very high note in Badder Love, and at first, it was challenging and didn’t come easily. However, I practised diligently to complete it.

PARK JIHOO: The most difficult choreography was for SYRUP, which had choreography that went back and forth between offbeats without a break.

ELLE: Lastly, any message for Indian fans?

EVNNE: Hello, EVNNE in India! This is EVNNE! We are making a comeback with our refreshing mini-album RIDE or DIE and the new, cool title track Badder Love. We hope that through our music this summer, you can overcome the heat and receive the energy to run anywhere you want! Thank you!

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