ELLE Exclusive: In Conversation With Next Generation K-Pop Group CIX About All Things Music And Art

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The latest K-pop group on our radar is C9 Entertainment’s CIX, which has found its way onto every cool person’s playlist. Since their debut appearance on the K-pop scene in 2019 with the mini-album ‘Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger’, CIX has dedicated a lot of effort to becoming exceptional performers. For those who are new, CIX is a five-member boy band under C9 Entertainment, consisting of BX, SEUNGHUN, BAEJINYOUNG, YONGHEE, and HYUNSUK. The group is now all set to hit North America with their third world tour, promising an epic journey. The quintet sat down with ELLE to discuss all things music and art.

ELLE: What is the concept behind your single album ‘0 or 1’?

BAEJINYOUNG: CIX’s first single album, ‘0 or 1’, is a departure from the usual and presents a different side of us. The retro yet sophisticated title track ‘Lovers or Enemies’ is a confessional song that expresses the complex feelings of love most simply and clearly, asking you to choose between being my lover or my enemy.

ELLE: What were you most excited about during this launch?

BX: What we were most excited about while working on this album was imagining how our fans would interpret our new title song. We put the album together with these questions in mind, and we had a lot of expectations because it was a song that was a little different from our previous style but also showed our unique abilities.

ELLE: You have had your fair share of live performances. Which one has been the most memorable?


BX: All stages are precious and memorable, but we still remember our debut showcase stage the most. It was our first time showing ourselves in front of our fans, so we were both excited and worried.

SEUNGHUN (S): When I sang ‘Curtain Call’ on stage, I felt like I was emotionally immersed in the song, and that moment still remains in my memory.

ELLE: How does it feel to be a K-pop idol, and how much have your lives changed since your debut in 2019?

YONGHEE (Y): I’m truly honoured to have received love from so many people since my debut, and thanks to that, I am always able to perform happily. Rather than saying that my life has changed, I am enjoying it as part of life.

ELLE: Which of your songs has the most difficult choreography to master?

BX: I think our most difficult choreography has been for the song ‘Revival’ from the album ‘Pinky Swear’ (2022). Details are very important in this song because the choreography is expressed through bandages, and the emotions have to be captured well while performing the intricate movements.

HYUNSUK (H): I think ‘Black Out’ from ‘Hello Chapter 2: Hello, Strange Place’ (2019) is the most difficult choreography because it’s a dance that requires a lot of details.

ELLE: You are so closely connected to your fans. Do you recall any memorable fan interactions?

S: Interacting with my fans on stage is the best and most memorable. When I travel abroad, the response varies from country to country, so each stage leaves me with different memories.

BX: I can’t pick just one, but every time I see fans having fun with us and enjoying our stage, I feel really happy. Every moment with our fans, Fix (fandom name), is precious to me.

ELLE: Three things fans should look forward to in this album.

H: I think it’s the facial expressions, the song, and the choreography. Cute facial expressions and sexy choreography with a twist can be seen in the chorus, and it’s worth looking forward to as we showcase a style of song that we’ve never shared before as CIX.

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